Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"I feel like God,"

Via my friend Chirayu's blog (Chirayu is also my one stop shop for kirket info)
Bajaj's new TV commercial, "I feel like God," promoting its Avenger DTS-i brand of bikes pitches on the feel good and forgiveness factor.

Ride the Bajaj Avenger DTS-i cruiser bike and forget all the worries of the world.

The ad is shot on what seems like the Leh highway in Kashmir and shows a guy riding the Bajaj Avenger DTS-i cruiser bike with flashbacks to incidents in life and a voice over that says,
"I forgive my father...I forgive women...I forgive my boss...I forgive the government...I forgive my barber...I forgive my past...I forgive them all...I feel like...I feel like God...Bajaj Avenger DTS-i...Feel like God!"

The guy on the bike passes a farmer stretching in the fields and stretches himself on the bike and says, "I feel like God," after having forgiven so many people.

Ride the Bajaj Avenger DTS-i. It makes you forget all the worries of the world and what more you really feel like God.

Good concept. Fantastic location. Right scenery. Cool music. Good voiceover.
A different advertisement. An ad, and a rare one at that, which doesn't make you switch channels.

Watch the Bajaj Avenger DTS-i TV commercial. (Requires Windows media player).

Evening recce yesterday..(Dadar-Prabhadevi)

Went to Sri Siddhivinayak mandir at Prabhadevi.

If its Tuesday then its Siddivinayak Mandir, Prabhadevi
Ganpati Bappa is Bombay's favorite god.... there is the protector and defender of the city :)
One thing I always like it when Someone starts" GANPATI BAPPA ...".... a chorus of hundred poeple will follow it up with " MOraaaaayaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" ... you can do this any crowded place temples, railway stations and crowded compartments...
Its a very blissfull experience, I always do it :) Official website of Sri Siddivinayak Mandir

Saurashtra Farsan,
Kabutar khana, Dadar

One of the best farsan shops in Bombay, the shop got undue publicity when the owner was arrested for shooting a goonda in sled defence.


Awesome stuff served with fundoo green chutney and also ask for extra super fundoo chopped papaya chutney.
Cost : 8 Bucks each plate (Dhokla, Khandvi, Sandwich Dhokla)

FP at medical store
Had to clear the stuffed system wid chilled Fountain Lemonade at the medical shop next to it.
Cost : 6 Bucks

Kashmiri Soda at Dahisar Station
Dahisar station has the best Kashmiri Soda, one glass is enough to chill your nerves :))

Kashmiri Soda : Lemon, Jaljeera Masala, green pudina chutney and fountain Soda
Cost : 3 bucks

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hum unko kutton ki tarah marenge: Police

The stupid Phase Pardhi robbers have forgotten that the biggest gang in Bombay are the cops...They have 16000 members, spread in every nook and corner of the city and also have weapons who cant dream about.

Bombay police may have its differences among its cadres but when some one their own get hurt they will surely fuck the happiness of their enemies.

Pardhi can apply all the oil and grease wherever they want, the Bombay Cops are surely gonna screw them big time royally..

They have already started fielding at all Pardhi areas, in a day or two you will find some dozen arrests or encounters.

Rock on Brave Cops we are with you on this.

Monday, August 29, 2005

TOI billboard outside Mahalaxmi Stn

TOI billboard outside Mahalaxmi Stn

Finally the Old Lady of Bori Bunder wakes up and starts spending in Outdoor media...
Wah re mere Competition!

pic taken in nightmode wid phone cam

Bombay get's its priorities right.

Kaamwali Bai's ya Bar Girl's

C***S***F via Objet Petit M

Cafe Royal - 10th Anniversary

Café royal has its tenth anniversary celebrations… (Under new management)

All prices at 1995 rates and pitcher of beer is 100 bucks only J and food is great too J


Some Great people who have visited Café Royal include Sat2, Bhatta, Girish, CNB & Bill & Chelsea Clinton,


The celebrations have no end date, it’s on for sometime now, and I just spoke to themJ


Cafe Royal
116 M.G.Road,
Opp. Regal Cinema,
Bombay 400 001.
Tel:  +91-22-2883982


Bottles of colourful syrups

On a hot summer day the gola wala is the coolest sight in the scorching streets of Bombay. The gola wala is the ice slush vendor. With hundreds of bottles of colourful syrups lining his cart, an ice crusher in the middle and such essentials like gola sticks, glasses and bowls, he churns out the most amazing stuff on this sizzling earth.

Originally uploaded by Arpana.

LeaseYourBody- Yes hum tayyar hai :))

I just read this on msn.
LeaseYourBody-Marketing via Body and Forehead Advertising using Temporary Tattoos
This is damn cool, I'm ready to tattoo my right hand....
You may ask why??
Why, here is the answer
I live in Bombay.
Where everyone's right hand is longer than left hand due to years on hanging  and swinging in trains.
My hands are in the air for 2 hours everyday in the local trains & buses  from Borivali to Lower Parel, bonus if I fall asleep till Churchgate.
5 million people use the local trains every day.
5 million use the BEST buses.
Calculate 2 hours * 300 days * 1 million (minimum) = 600 million eyeballs annualy
I don't mind a tattoo or a LED display on the right hand :))
PubliCITY Bombay istyle,
Just imagine if 5 million Commuters were sponsored by some company or brand.
  • 1 million would be sponsored by Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress, NCP, RPI, Mitr and Maitreen Mandals
  • 1 million by Baba Bengali, Asharamji Bapu, Chote & Bade Murari Bapu, Mata Amritandevi, Sri2 Ravi Shankar and others
  • 1 million by Babubhai Bhawanji, Zamkudi, Paaneri, Suvidha, Roop Milan, Roop Sangam, Roopam Sheetal, Praful, Vipul and other infinite saree and suiting shirting dukaans.
  • 1 million by all Udupi hotels, Chaurasia Panwallahs, Parsi Bakeries, Jain Fast Food Shops, Bhelpuriwallahs, Fansikars and Dattarey's , Aunty Daru Adda's, Shah and PK Wines, Quarter Bars.
  • 1 Million would be freelancers everything and anything from Nari Mukti morcha to Bar Bala symPATI club.
Our greatest strength and weakness is our Public. We have a Billion reasons :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Random Thoughts at Chai time.

  • I am planning to put Adsense on my blog and donate all proceeds from it into Alcohol Reasearch.
  • Kaboom on Star Plus is a major flop show.
  • Dahi Handi in Bombay rocks.
  • Salaam Namaste,Kaala Chasma and Kaangna are sexy songs.
  • Rickshaw drivers are maha chodu characters.
  • I dont' remember when Sachin Tendulkar played last.
  • Chicken Mexican Red Wave Pizza from Dominos goes well with Kingfisher.
  • Sachin Bhau Ahir should become the CM coz he organises the best Dahi Handi's with DJ's , rain Dance, Choreographed Dancers, Filmy Stars,
  • Stray Dogs are not that lovable.
  • Night life in Bombay aint the same for millions any more.
  • One should never bet in a match involving India.

Yorked by Iqbal. (7.5/10)

Dir: Nagesh Kukunoor Starring: Shreyas Talpade(Iqbal), Naseruddin Shah (mohit), Girish Karnad (guruji), Shweta Prasad(khatija his sis), Yateen Karyekar(dad), Prateeksha Lonkar (mom)

There are 2 things that really unites this country across caste lines, religions, languages,color ek Match Box and dusra Cricket. Nagesh Kuknoor has decided to take on cricket, this is the story of mute n deaf Iqbal who eats,breathes and dreams cricket and achieves it against infinite odds and obstacles.

Though this not a typical Nagesh Kuknoor movie, he has maintain some old charm by giving cameo roles to his wife and motu friend.

Its a wonderful movie which neither shock's or startles you or even give you some major paisa vasool equation, you feel nice and happy when you leave the theatre.

Great performances by Nasser, Iqbal's sister and his 6 khiladi buffalo's.

Also look out for Kapil Paaji, 2 good songs

Since the movie has all the emotions one could ask for I would give it 7.5/10

Kapil Paaji and Shreyas Talpade at CineMax,Thane
Pic courtesy Aditya.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Govinda aala re!!!

Krsna Collage

Its midnight and my Mom just finished the pooja at home; I was as usual playing my role of playing the bell and humming along.

Though I don't consider myself a very religious person, I do have certain opinions about our gods and respect and have high regards for their deeds and powers.

Krishna has always been my favorite god for the following reasons
He was a cool, brat kid.
He bit n killed Poothna by biting her tits.
He stole curds and used to hide girl's clothes.
He used always used power when needed.
He lifted the Govardhan hill with his finger to save the villagers from the rains.
He used reverse physcology to convince Arjun to fight the Yudh.
He had 16000 wives and nobody had an issue with it.
He supplied extra clothing to Draupadi.
His girl friend Radha was more famous then his wife Rukmini.
His brother Balram was a wonderful Yodha with the plough as his weapon.
His best friend was Sudama.
He had a wonderful chariot and Sudarshan Chakra
HE was a practical god who put his point across tactfully and in style.

There is one scene in the Mahabharata where Arjuna says to Sri Krishna that “I would rather live a life of a vagabond or a beggar rather than kill my own gurus and my own blood and be a king and live in the palace""..... To Krishna smartly replies" Arjun don't that over-confident, you will anyways be a beggar and probably live a wretched life if you lose the war, Now come-on be a good Kshatriya and do your job. The reverse swing does its job.

The Bhagwad gita is nothing but a physco analysis report of a patient and the doctor. There has never been, is or will be a patient as complex and dilemmatic as Arjun and a doctor and guru like Krishna.

These are some of the things which I find really cool about Bhagwan Sri Krishna. Whenever in any point in life when I'm in trouble or in a difficult situation I've always found the answers in the Bhagwad Gita.
My simple method was to open any random page of the Gita and relate it to the problem.... It always worked for me.

I've a PDF version of the Bhagwad Gita too, would be happy to share it.

Dadar Dahi Handi

More Action

Also ISKON at Juhu has its Gokulashtami celebrations and serves chappan bhog food to all its devotees. For the not so brave souls there is the ISKON restaurant 'Vrindavan' which has an awesome endless buffet with wonderful service staff. And they accept credit cards too :)
Janmashtami and the dahi handi routine are big in Mumbai, as evidenced by the jam-packed roads with groups of young men going from place to place to break pots arranged by various organisations.
Also there would be infinite Dahi-Handi Competitions around the city; the best ones are in Tembi Naka, Lal Baug, Dadar, Worli, Chichpokli, Curry Road, Saat Rasta, and Walkeshwar. Prizes and booty over 10 lakhs.

more gyaan:

Just realised I exceeded my normal self imposed blog words limit :))

pics courtesy

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'Day at Bandra Station

pic courtesy Akshay's Blog
"I was standing at Bandra Station waiting for my train and the sky blue window on the opposite platform caught my eye and not to mention the man siting on his honches waiting. So out comes my camera and click. Notice the tiranga* pinned to this shirt - very patriotic. There also a lot of moss growing probably due all the rain bombay got this past month."

This is one of the best pics I've seen in a loong time, cool stuff akshay...

Monday, August 22, 2005


Bappada eyeing for Grammy

Desi Puff Daddy cum Hotstepper

I think Bappida rocks, his fully faltoo music is cool too, he is a cool music composer wid infinite sources of inspiration....Disco 80's to Y2k da man rocks on!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Wife's Murder ?/10

Saw the movie today at Fame Raghuleela, Kandivali wid DD….

My first reactions
Is it a movie??? RAMU movie???
Suspense hai thoda...
No major scary stuff
No pondy stuff
Movie is well packaged, but plot???
Boman Irani has done a good job
It was more like a Discovery or CSI episode.
No Gaana Bajana.
No action

Then what was there in the movie?? That's what I’m trying to figure out……

Would I recommend the movie??? Well I’m still confused, so can’t make a call or rate it….

But if you like Factory Productions then you can take a chance :):)

Aisach timepass mein!!

I made this design playing around wid the magazine maker ...Do lemme know your views...
tnx solzaire for the cool link :))

Whats so Funny - Caption Contest

Karnataka CM, Ex Tamil Nadu CM ,Telecom Minister Dayanidhi and sideys seem to be having a gala time, some zabardast non-veg joke....
I've never seen politicians smile so much, wonder what they might be saying??

Whats your take??
Do comment what you think must be tickling them in the comment section...

My take :
Dharam telling Karunanidhi "I've da latest JJ MMS on my phone, she is screwing da opposition royally"
Karunadhi replies "Tell me about it, I was picked up at mid-night"

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Paichan Kaun - India's laughter challenge best performer so far

Prabhakar from Bombay does a fundoo mimic of the Bar gurls of the city.... Definitely check it out , awesome stuff...sachimuchi mein :))

Your Download-Link:

Friday, August 19, 2005

Raksha ya Rickshaw BANDHan

Morning 8.00 am
15 mins of struggle to get a Rick to the station from my house.

Evening 8.30 pm
30 mins of brute struggle, anguish, and frustration of trying to flag a rickshaw which would take me home.
I had to walk 2kms till I spotted a bus to take me home.

Why all this?

Coz today is Raksha Bandhan but it seemed like total a Rickshaw Bandhan, not a single fcuker ready to ply to anywhere, or taking lamba savari, or single females.
Either they have sisters in every place from Dahisar to Bandra and Mulund to Sion or they have gone underground to escape the Rakhi attack from their Maitrini friends.
The all omnipresent redBEST buses were missing big time as if all of them went to Shirdi with the sulking Bar Girls.

I've truly sincerely started believing this saying In Punjabi, from Lahore:
Jinnay apni maa noo sataya
Onay saree umar ricksha hee chalaya

Another one but tangent :
In School we had the pledge every day after the National Anthem. Which went something like this "India is my country, All Indians are my brothers and sisters......... "
then someone from behind would whisper "thats why we are a Benchod nation"

Sleepless in Borivali

This guy was sleeping at the Borivali railway ticket counter, he was literally wearing a mosquito net and sleeping away to glory... least bothered about the chaos and filth created by millions of commuters running and falling next to him

ZZZZZzzzzz away to glory

Gajra's & Garbage @ Dadar phool market.

Phoolwali bai's sellling flowers and gajra's

Mogra's in wholesale Bhaav!!

Slimy n mucky roads

Manhole which smells fine

Tempo arrives wid more flowers

slimes and roses

All pics taken today morning while going to work courtesy Nokia 6230.

Preity ka dabba gul

Preity ka dabba gul

This can only happen in Bombay.....
Bombay is the only place the following Public Utility things get flicked..
1. Man hole Lids
2. Telephones from Booths
3. Handles from Trains
4. Khacra Dabbas
5. Cloths and Plastic Banners
6. Billboards and Hoardings (Graphics PVC prints) (used by Zoppadpatti walas during rains)
7. Flower Pots
8. Taps
10. Flush Chains

Do add on , If you think I forgot anything...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who sold Reliance on August 3?

Sucheta Dalal's article at
Sucheta at her very best stalking the Ambanis :))
She is a brave journalist who broke the stock market scam in '92, I was in 9-10th Std lost over 40k and had to work really hard to repay it...
... but that was 10 years ago :))
I hope and pray there is no scam this time around India needs a stable economy and secure financial market.

Guys in TITwala go mad.

CR staffer dies, 3 hurt in commuters' stir

OnToes Juhu once again

Ontoes is the only pub in Bombay that has misal pav on its menu. Pic taken yesterday from a Camera Phone widout flash :))
Overall its the numero Uno Waterhole of Bombay always rocking and full of life.
Watch out for the Cool Owner in Psued Half Shirt wid an Earpiece and Walkie Talkie
do try  Baby Corn,Mushroom Schewan Starter and Schewan Veg Salad (corn,pulses, and other vitamins )
Baaki Saab is as usual good, the waiters are a decent lot too.
Located at J.V.P.D. Scheme

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ambience, Lower Parel (tulsi pipe road)

This is a resto-bar recommended by cnb, situated on Tulsipipe Road (junction of The only thing I like was the Prawns koliwada and the Ghaspuss (salad) things which come free are papad, green chutney, chakli, Singhdana.... Did I forget something??

Toto's Bandra

I've always wondered if the Volkswagen Beetle would ever fall on someone??

A resto-bar, Toto's is not the place for you if you like the finer things in life, such as a plush decor and fancy service. The place has been done up as a garage, with spare car parts, bikes and tires scattered around.
30, Lourdes Haven, Pali Junction, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400 050
Phone: +91 22 2600 5494
Overall TOTO's is a nice place but get really crowded on weekends...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dargah, har marz ki dawa

Mumbai Mirror

Only in Bombay do you have Dargah solution for legal and illegal activities.... though I wouldn't agree with the reporter that Muslims are the only patronizes of the Dargah, I've seen people of all walks of life and all religions visit the Sufi Dargah's.

I've myself been to HAji Ali many times and always found it a fulfilling spiritual experience

Maim Dargah is famous for its Kebabs, Colorful Faloodas, Sevaiyas', Malpouas and Ragda's
Haji Ali for its Juice Centre

Bombay Hospital Dargah is next to Khau Gully, everything from pav bhaji, tawa pulao, mewad kulfi, mysore masala dosas, sugar cane juice, vada Pav's...

This might one of the reasons why they are so popular :))

saw on TV - Arrey Arrey

Now that the ladies bars are shutting down every TV channel wanting to show all sides of the story to the junta are following the bar girls every where and interviewing them.
Yesterday Sahara Samay TV crew was in some ladies bar in Worli and was interviewing a Bar Dancer (or Bar Bala) taking her feedback and future moves..

Bar girl was replying " Abhi hum log kya karege, yeh bandh hua tho raste pe dhanda karna padega... hum tho kaise bhi zindagi kaat lenge lekin hazaron waiter,watchman, Anna aur shetty log ka dukaan bandh ho jayega....
Kya sarkar iska jababdaari lega kya...humko dusri naukri degi kya. woh ARRE ARRE Patil ko iska jawaab denga padega, Disco aur Kilub mein naachna allowed hai, lekin yaahan bandh kar diya....
Hum Arrey Arrey Patil ko korut mein leke jayege"
Serious talk yet I found her style and accent damn funny :))

ARRE ARRE Patil is R.R Patil is the Maharasthra Dy. C.M and minister for Home.

Pirated - Mangal Pandey

Independence Day Highlights

  • Dance Bars shut down in Bombay.. no more cham cham bars, no more item numbers
  • IED explosion in J&K parade
  • Naxals kill 11 in A.P
  • human Rickshaws are banned and will cease to ply on Calcutta roads
  • 200 killed by leptosiros and over 6000 still battling for life in Bombay
  • Mangal Pandey is suddenly remembered.
  • Raj Thackeray suddenly discovers something's wrong with Shiv Sena
  • It was a dry day.
  • England nearly won the test match
  • Bodo Militants burn Indian tricolor
  • A techno version of Vande Mataram by 8 groups is launched.
As for today, Everything is back to normal... Trains are running 25-30 mins late, I reached office late,tired and exhausted.
I hope next independence day something improves :))

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Rising - Mangal Pandey

The Rising is a movie about an episode that triggered of the 1857 war of independence, the story about the friendship between a Firang Army officer and a Sepoy, The story about the Opium trade and the oppression of the East India Company.

I decided to go ahead and watch the movie which was butchered by the critics and the other stupid reviewers, The movie is well made and definitely worth a dekko!!!

This is for the first time that Firangs are for real and not some Fair panjabis or sindhis putting up a fake accent and wearing the sola topi. The movie could have had some more action and violence, which was missing big time.

The filmmaker has done justice to history by not stereo typing all firangs as evil people..The songs and dances by Rani Mukerjee was cool too.. The Mangal Mangal song is sung 3-4 times by a gang of musicians who keep moving around in the village on an elephant.

Overall decent movie to watch.. I give it 6/10
The filmmakers spent 50 crores, I didn't mind spending 150 bucks watching it :))

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cutting Chai ya Hidden Code

I was having my mandatory morning cutting chai in office, I saw a code written on it '1906'.. Was juss wondering what it could be... Is some one trying to say something?? Was it made in 1906 ??? Is it some Patent number???? Da Vince someting ??.. kya ho sakta any guesses ....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Laxmi gives the Mumbra public a piece of her mind.

My friend Laxmi has written this huge comment in response to the Mumbra Rail roko and the general chaos in the city ...

here's her gyaan :))

Justifying what the 5000 people did in Mumbra was not accepted by all the people as fury from the public that the Govt required to set things straight. The guys who are in power are there because of these same people who either don’t vote at all or put the mark on the best pic!!!! Throwing stones at running trains….how on earth can you get so inhuman that you don’t care on whose eye or head that stone lands. Such kind of movements are never with a sane and thoughtful mind, this is the work of people who don’t have anything else to do and hence vent their frustration in such manners.

What’s the point of putting innocent lives in danger & messing up an already messed up economy by staging rail roko nonsense as they call it and causing inconvenience to so many people, some who may be earning a wage on a per day basis so their bread & butter for that day goes for a toss. Some who may not be in a position to sit home because they cant afford a one day salary cut because their household runs end to end on their months salary. All of such people had to go thru a day without work. Why, because of other late risers who SUDDENLY realized that our Govt sucks!

People should stop being so childish and getting on the roads with Bandhs & rail roko stuff and get a life. You want a better city & better management system, elect the right person or take responsibility. Stop throwing blame like a kindergarten kid. By stopping life in the city you will just have the city running into losses & nothing else. You want to live a better life, make things better for yourself. Make your own small Disaster Management team for your own area & work together. Help people around you feel better after the terrible days that they have been through, don’t make it worse by coming on the roads & venting it on people who have been through enough or more grief than you have.

If you can solve the problem, don’t aggravate it either.

Bombay rockers ya Bombay Dost!!

My crazy friends Bhatta and Nilu trying to do a Kantabai scene and pestered me to put thier pic on my blog for PublicSHITI !!

Monday, August 08, 2005

CM sends his thugs to break Mid Day office

CM sends his thugs to break Mid Day office

Absolute Sad state of affairs, but Mid-day has balls take on the CM... I guess mid-day is the only paper wid balls of steel... rest I guess are all Govt suckers or very diplomatic and fattu...

Wot does the betting meter say
1. Rane becomes CM
2. Ajit Pawar finally gets to become CM
3. Sushil Kumar Shinde is called back.
4. Defections happen, and state goes to the polls.
5. Bombay gets flooded and we have Union rule.

I wish we had military rule atleast people wouldn't shit on the road and spit paan,gutkha.

The CM is a nice guy, his sons movies are doing ok, he has a stable government, wonder why would he do it..... I guess he met up with Sallu for some image shake down :))

Saturday, August 06, 2005

SMS arz kiya hai : Mausam e Baarish

Ye paani bhi ajeeb paani hai!!
Ye paani bhi ajeeb paani hai!!
Log roz paani se gaand dhote the... Aaj Wahi Paani logonki gaand maar raha hai!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

5,000 stage rail roko in Mumbra

5,000 stage rail roko in Mumbra

Mob fury is here to stay, I wished they did the same at Vidhan Bhavan, Raj Bhavan, Parliament .... Its hightime the guys in power got some "public pasting"

parking tho pura doob gaya

parking tho pura doob gaya
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Airport doob gaya

Airport doob gaya
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

some more paani for you!!

some more paani for you!!
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Stone Throwing at Thane Station, Central Line down

The cancellation of trains originating from Thane has irked Thaneites who have resorted to stone throwing and Train roko, clue taken form Mumbra Residents...
All trains on Central Line ahve stopped
My friend Bhatta is stuck in one of the trains and cant get out as there is a large mob of agitated Thanekar's ...
more updates and pic's  laters

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Living on rain water

No drinkin water, fones, milk. People frustrated, no coverage of news beyond kalyan. Situation getting worse: 7 days Living on rain water.

Can't go out. Brillian, ambarnath

Churchgate's Platform 3 & 4 is haunted!!

Since many years I've been eating samosa and drinking frooti from Ramchand Yadav's Railway food stall, which is located between platform 3 and 4 on Churchgate station where the First class compartment lies..
I always strike up conversations with him coz its fun to listen him speak in shuudh Hindi mixed with bhojpuri...
I bought 2 large Mango frooti's as I dint want to take a chance with the erratic services or get stranded without food and water, I casually asked him whether he would allow me to camp at his stall if trains were cancelled...With a shocked look on his face which only a guy from Jaunpur or Basti could come up with he said "Raat ko woh log aate hai.... bahut khatra hai .. bade Bhai log aate hai ... Khana maangte hai, Burger maangte hai ....
I thought he meant shady local Bhai's or the Railway Pandu's and I told to give them stale food as a solution.... He wasn't divulging much info.... I said bindass duplicate khana de....

Then I realised that he was talking about Ghosts and Atma's who roamed the platform between 2 and 4 in the morning.... Many men and women have died while rushing in the train to grab a seat, He says its their souls that have "tadpaoed" and are haunting the stall workers who have being witness to numerous train accidents...
Once a ghost slapped him and disappered,He sleeps in the railway kitchen now...
Talk about occupational hazards!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Waterworld doesn't spare even the mighty BEST bus.

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Ambivili (Central Railway)

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Panvel under water

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

The Pic that inspired DNA

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

fcuked roads

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

S.V Road (not sure though)

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.

sion railway station

sion railway station 2
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.


Nalasopara, water upto waist level....Latest News pouring continuously from last 1 hour...........

A tribute to Bombay's DNA

Billboard at Mahim Church Junction say's it all.

Sade Teranve FM!!

I was listening to RedFM (93.5) today to get the latest on the flood scene, less info, more songs and even more annoying was the commercials and the stupid jingles...
The most annoying was the Fame Gurukul jingle 
It goes something like this " Qazi ko Bachane ke liye SMS kijiye SAVE QAZI to 2525, again chorus .. repeat same crap ""
I wish we could SMS "Save Bombay" to 2525,6363,7827,8888 and stop this rains and floods

Monday, August 01, 2005

trains running on both western and central lines

Trains are running but they are moving slowly due to the water accumulated
via ashim

updates 3:49 pm

Via Jiten : Eastern express highway from everard nagar, chunnabatti till mulund is clear

0855 hrs : Rains Update - via Miloni Bhatt

Just spoke to my friend Miloni from NDTV and got this update
  • Central Trains are not working
  • western Trains are running slow, 20-30 mins late (most likely to stop if the rains continue )
  • S.V road is jammed
  • Western Express highway is in a bad state
  • Airport is flooded ( she is at the airport)
  • She advices to stay at home.
shall ping her for more updates...
This time the city seems to be a li'l better prepared
  • people have food and water supplies
  • Madat Sewa vans are moving around the city
  • Power seems to have been restored in all places apart from Kurla
  • People playing it safe by staying home.

Bombay's Fight back Bag

All employees at MyZus have been told to get an extra jodi of clothes while reporting to work tomorrow, just incase we have to stay back due to nature's rain game with Bombay.
I guess we aren't the only ones who will be carrying a big rucksack or khaki commando bag, there will be a few million others who will also be carrying extra baggage....
The contents most likely which shoul be:
  • Extra Jodi office clothes
  • undies or Bermudas
  • inflatable pillows
  • tooth brush
  • glucose biscuits
  • small saboon
  • slippers
  • nylon ropes (if need to rappel or cross flood streams)
  • Probe Stick
  • Torch, Candles, Matches
  • Radio (FM)
  • Booze (hypothermia antidote)
  • Smokes (Bidis,cigs anything)
  • Old Newspapers
  • Chivda, fafda, wafers, bhujia, kurkure, etc etc
  • 1.5 Lt Water bottle
  •  Mobile with Chargers
Jaanbaaz Bombayites are ready for Monday and ready to kickass!!