Monday, August 01, 2005

0855 hrs : Rains Update - via Miloni Bhatt

Just spoke to my friend Miloni from NDTV and got this update
  • Central Trains are not working
  • western Trains are running slow, 20-30 mins late (most likely to stop if the rains continue )
  • S.V road is jammed
  • Western Express highway is in a bad state
  • Airport is flooded ( she is at the airport)
  • She advices to stay at home.
shall ping her for more updates...
This time the city seems to be a li'l better prepared
  • people have food and water supplies
  • Madat Sewa vans are moving around the city
  • Power seems to have been restored in all places apart from Kurla
  • People playing it safe by staying home.