Monday, August 01, 2005

Bombay's Fight back Bag

All employees at MyZus have been told to get an extra jodi of clothes while reporting to work tomorrow, just incase we have to stay back due to nature's rain game with Bombay.
I guess we aren't the only ones who will be carrying a big rucksack or khaki commando bag, there will be a few million others who will also be carrying extra baggage....
The contents most likely which shoul be:
  • Extra Jodi office clothes
  • undies or Bermudas
  • inflatable pillows
  • tooth brush
  • glucose biscuits
  • small saboon
  • slippers
  • nylon ropes (if need to rappel or cross flood streams)
  • Probe Stick
  • Torch, Candles, Matches
  • Radio (FM)
  • Booze (hypothermia antidote)
  • Smokes (Bidis,cigs anything)
  • Old Newspapers
  • Chivda, fafda, wafers, bhujia, kurkure, etc etc
  • 1.5 Lt Water bottle
  •  Mobile with Chargers
Jaanbaaz Bombayites are ready for Monday and ready to kickass!!