Thursday, February 28, 2008

Khau Galli Gone

All stalls at city's most popular food street near Cross Maidan demolished. Road planned to turn Mumbai into Shanghai

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comment in Rediff on today's match.

When Sachin plays well, its an easy match.

Whan Sachins gets a low score, its a tough match and Sachin did not perform under pressure.

Ours is a funny country aint it?


Every time the media decides Sachin should retire, he does the talking with his bat... Sachin is God :))

Abhi picture baaki hai,  Ass trail ia se muqabala hona hai !!

Btw I'm wondering about the missing hero's of Indian  cricket L. Balaji,  Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Joginder ?? Aapan yana pahilat kaa? i.e Have you seen Yana Gupta?

MTV Sidey's 5.0

I juss love the crap tasks n stunts  n bitches of MTV Roadies... total time-passs stufff, it's one of the most meanest and bitchiest shows on Indian TV right now...
Delhi girls seem to be toughest & meanest in India, Bombay gals seem to have take a beating :))

Bombay gals wake up, get mean, get evil, get bitchy... we love it :))

For more gyan on MTV Roadies :-

Happy B'day Daddy

My dad turns 1 today.... we'll according to shastras after 60 one's second childhood begins technically he is 1 year old :)), next year maybe I shall gift him crayons n color pencils :))

Happy B'day Daddy, keep ur Sun Shining & may Reliance Power give you all the brightness!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Arabikatha - Mallu Movie

Arabikatha’ is the story of Cuba Mukundan (Sreenivasan) a staunch impractical communist who knows nothing but hartals and strikes, After being cheated by fellow Commies he is forced to go to Dubai like all Mallus to make money & repay the loan, where he meets a Chinese chic falls in love with her as like all Commies who love China and Cuba.

And yes he is further cheated in Dubai big time by fellow mallus, so true its mallus who fuck mallus :)..
The movie is like a slap to millions of Mallus and some Bongs who still live in the Communist Ideology and will not adapt to any changes that have happened in the World and the communist Movement at large.
Communism was a decent movement during the 60's the era of zamindari system and food shortage, I don't think it has any place today..even Russia and China have turned big time capitalists.
Communism might be wiped of the map of the world but am sure it will still be there in India.. i.e Bengal and Kerala.
Lal Salam :)

Srinivasan has done an excellent job, the man rocks even minus his comedy acts, Lal Jose deserves credit for this excellent movie.
Ratings : 4/5
p.s This movie was released in 2007, I managed watch it yesterday, So it can be a bit of baasi news for many :)

On a tangent note... One is Srinivasan another is Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salim of Kuwait, Mallu connexion ??