Saturday, February 19, 2005

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

Some deadly conspiracy theory suggesting some thing only Uncle Sam could do.. I don't fully believe in it but at the same time some doubts still linger in my mind.
Its often said to find the perpetrators of any action, one should find the one who derives the most benefits out of it... In this say sadly the markets dint crash much nor did Oil prices rise..
I guess its mother nature at her very worst... no Uncle Sam could have done it.

Praful Patel ko popat banaya!

Praful Patel ko popat banaya!

Only Mid-day, Bombay's very own tabloid could make this a full page story :):)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Epica Awards - Cool Ad on Bapu

Epica Awards

An awesome Ad made on the Man we call the father of the Nation.

Though Gandhi's philosophies and fundas may not seem right for this century but I definitely think the would need more of his teaching coz da world needs more truth and reconciliation.

Some call him a traitor, a British agent, a baniya whatever his crictics may call but I don't think anybody else could have unified this huge landmass called India better than him.
Bapu rocks ...

They say 3 gujjus were responsible for the situation were'in today jinnah, patel, Gandhi :):)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sensex ends at all time High!!!

The Sensex closed at 6679.33 a new closing high. The previous closing high was 6679.20 touched on January 3, 2005. The Nifty closed up 16.20 points or 0.78% at 2098.25.
The mood is bullish but last 10 minutes crash wiped out most of the gains of the Mid-caps.

All IT scrips seems to be back in vogue... all K10 scrips are back in action after lying low n dormant for 2-3 yrs of so :))

Sometimes i wonder, instead of education the FIIs and others governments about investing in India, we should educate our nation about investment opportnities in the equities and other sectors. I guess only a fraction of 100 crore people know about the stock markets and mutual funds.
I think India has all the money which can be tapped to make India a even more potent global force to reckon with :):)

till then let the Teji wind blow on.........

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
check out this cool video on the lemon demon, the limbu sherbat wala in kalaghoda.

made by Jam, a cool youth mag, I used to work for in college years :):)

p.s now i think i need to get the vodkamartini part of me :))

Calvin rocks...

One of the primary reason I read Mid-day.
Calvin inspite of being suca brat always has something that each of us can relate to, remember, laugh and introspect or say what da F$%$.
Found 25 best of Calvin series at

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chal hatt! Negar Khan deported

Chal hatt! Negar Khan deported

Poor item bomb Negar, there are over 10 million illegal Bangladeshis majority of them living in antop hill, reay road,mumbra and Mira road our customs and cops take regular protection money and use their services as a vote bank..
Lets give Negar da benefit of doubt considering she is dumb :), to further worsen matters Mid-day comes out wid this deadly headline..

Also lets not forget for every Negar Khan overstaying and working in India there over a million Mallus,Surds and other desis living illegally in every part of this planet.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

SMS Karma :))

Cause and Effect. From an absolute standpoint, karma is the circumstance of the moment. Relatively, it is the endless chain of cause and effect that defines the future events of an individuals life.

A service that allows users to send text-based messages from one device to another

This is what Google says about Karma & SMS, but I think its definitely something much more than a simple act of sharing a message or spending a buck to communicate.

I send many sms's in a day (Reliance free SMS scheme), I send to my friends, colleagues, bldg junta, friends of friends & da who's who of the SMS forwarding world.
Today I got da same SMS I sent to my friend a few days ago 4 times from 4 different friends and 2 calling to check whether I got and and 1 trying to explain da joke :))... this vicious circle continued a dozen times day and night and if the network goes berserk god only help you, you can raise the frequency to the power of 10..

SMS is da tool not only for romance but its the new mantra for Forex dealers n Stock market dealers, matka operators, hawala agents, pimps n fixers, spreading rumours and the possible shady things one can think about...
I think the top 5 SMS usage by Indians would be for
Forwarding jokes ( adult jokes, circulate more)
Stupid shyaris which no one understands
television contests (Either to win prize or have ur name on the Channel ticker)
spreading rumours
Things like SMS M-commerce,gaming,marketing, chat,research, alerts are picking up, would surely be on the top 5 in about 6 months.
Itching to sms.. nahi kya :))

Saturday, February 05, 2005

addictive game - totall studdgiri :):)

Awesome cricket game.. a must if are lukkha in da office :):)

Gmail - Maangta Kya??

I've got 50 gmail ivites to give... lemme know if you or friends need any...
I think google is feeling the heat thanks to Hotmail n Yahoo also increasing thier space wid more features...

For a company that made Record Revenues of over a billion dollars for the last quater, the game is yet to begin..

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


"A poor, ill educated man created billion dollar Reliance industry. Two business graduates from Stanford and Wharton Business School, busy breaking it up. That's education".