Monday, July 31, 2006

4 Stages of LIfe

4 Stages of LIfe, originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hindi Movies Pending...

Kabul Express

Mumbai bar girls may turn homeguards may turn homeguards

Seriously, No Kidding... Apna government has gone Bonkers!!

Imagine thousands standing in line during Ganpati Bandhobast and Bandra Fair and million sideys waiting to get frisked and checked....

I wished they become BEST Conductors or Railway Ticket Vendors or BMC Staff that would atleast make thing smooth and hilarious :))

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don, Umrao Jaan and Dhoom 2 Flop!!

Even before movies have been launched, Don, Umrao Jaan and Dhoom 2 have been written off as miserable flops in the Euro RSCG Bollywood Predictameter study. The study goes on to say that Munnabhai Lagey Raho will be a bigger hit than Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna. And last weekend’s, Emraan’s “The Killer” will make more bucks than Naseeruddin Shah’s directorial debut, “Yun Hota To Kya Hota”

Its a lesser known fact that EuroRsg invested huge amounts of money on a Filmy Dotcom and lost it big time.

I'm wondering if this is so correct then Euro Rsg should make its own movies with "Prosumers"

Udayananu Tharam

Last week after ages I saw a really funny movie, no its not a Hindi movie its a mallu movie "Udayananu Tharam"
Total kickass hilarious stuff Srinivasan and Mohan Lal ( Lal Ettan for Respect :) )

After a long time I saw a real natural Mallu comedy.

The movie is scripted by the man Srinivasan himself

More gyan
Udayananu Tharam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For those who find this Greek, kindly take a chill pill :))

Now the sad Backlash on innocents....

Innocents people pay the price while realy culprits might have already escaped.....
The trauma and the paranoia is driving Bombayites to crazy levels

People need to understand hitting innocent people wont solve the problem....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sexiest woman in the Middle East

Haifa Wehbe's wikipedia page :)

Banning Blogspot for security is like..

Bombing for peace
Fcuking for Virginity
Boozing for nutrition

I pray to God to give our dear Indian government some sense, let the people's voice be heard!!

Our government is not bad, I guess some paranoid babu must have physced the hell of the Dot. Com mantri.

I love India, I love the antics more..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now, you can kiss Rakhi

It just cant get any more filmier than this....kya bolta :))

Had a dream last night...

I saw all small fish as Nemo or friends of Nemo searching for their Dad. 
I think I'll stop eating small fishes. 

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My home from Space.

Satellite pic of my house in IC Colony, Borlivi
Golders Green, Bldg in centre with pool :))
This is a cool thing, guys just zoom into your house and tag it, and vola the world sees u :))

Bambai nagariya


Bambai nagariya

One of the first songs to start playing on the radio after a news update on the bomb blasts on Tuesday was Bambai Nagariya from Taxi No 9211, evoking tired laughter from a motley group travelling by car.
The irony behind Vishal Dadlani's lyrics (below) for the John Abraham-Nana Patekar film was evident:

Living in the city, drive me crazy
Living in the city, never easy
Living in the city, take me up and bring me down and down and down
Laakh laakh roz aake bas jaate hain
Is shaher se dil lagake phas jaate hain
Living in the city, drive me crazy
Living in the city, hey hey
Laakh laakh roz aake bas jaate hain
Is shaher se dil lagake phas jaate hain
Nana: Saala idhar toh footpath bhi houseful hai
John: Yeh Bombay hai, yahaan time ka matlab hai paisa samjhe. Mujhe tees minute ki journey teen minute mein puri karni hai
Nana: Saala khud marna hai toh mar na doosre ki kayko vaat lagata hai...

Mid-day : Jul14, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bombay Lives on on & will take the train.

Commuters walk behind a billboard that reads 'life begins today' at a train station in Bombay, India on Thursday. Indian police have detained about 350 people for questioning in connection with the Bombay train bombings. AP
This is to all M-Fuckin Terrorists We Bombayites will take the Local Trains, Rock the Sensex and yes even shit on the tracks.
You guys can go n fuck yourself, Bombay's cops will track you down and give you the treatment you never imagined in your wildest dreams.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sad indeed.

We should outsource our defenses to Israel or at least some fucking thing from them.

Our Netas and their cronies will come n screw up Bombay even further, I wish we gave the Army the free hand to take care of our defenses, We need to wipe LET, SIMI or whoever is behind this cowardly acts.

Blasts Update : My Uncle was behind the Borivli, he is safe.

KK who was in the Mira Road Train, survived as he was in the second class compartment.

girish adds

K.K. had a close encounter, he was in the same train which blasted, but in different dubba but he is fine by the grace of god.
He says his MAWA eating habit made him to go by second class from where he can spit out continously as he got a window seat in second class

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bombay blasts in Local Trains - Mahim, Khar & Jogeshwari


The Two Cow System - Gelf Special!!


You have two cows. You create a website for them and advertise them in all magazines. You create a Cow City or Milk Town for them. You sell off their milk before the cows have even been milked to both legit and shady investors who hope to resale the non-existent milk for a 100% profit in two years time. You bring Tiger Woods to milk the cow first to attract attention.


You have two cows. They've been sitting there for decades and no one realizes that cows can produce milk. You see what Dubai is going; you go crazy and start milking the heck out of the cows' boobs in the shortest time possible. Then you realize no one wanted the milk in the first place.


Since milking the cow involves nipples the gov't decides to ban all cows in public. The only method to milk a cow is to have a cow in on one side of the curtain and the guy milking the cow on the other or to hire females and train to milk the cows ... the debate is still going on.


You have two cows. Some high gov't official steals one, milks it, sells the milk and pockets the profit. The gov't tells you there is just one cow and not enough milk for the people. The people riot and scream death to the govt and carry Iranian flags. The Parliament, after thinking for 11 month, decide to employ ten Bahrainis to all milk the cow at the same time so cut back on unemployment.

Oman System:

Do we really care ?

Kuwait System:

You have two cows, one is gay the other is a fanatic ! All the cows in the world hate these two cows, and these two cows hate the world.


You have two cows. One is owned by Syria and the other is controlled by the gov't.

Yem ean System:

Both don't funcation since they are drugged up on "gat" 24/7. 


Mallus in Gelf System : You have 2 cows one likes Mohanlal and other  Mammooty and both hate Hindi movies.

Found this kickass stuff on 


Sunday, July 09, 2006

The fight for ADSL Connection

We are trying to get an ADSL line from QTel in our villa for the last 3 weeks and we haven't even completed 2% of the task.
First of all I need to get someone who has a Qatari RP, managed to coax my Jordanian friend who lives in our villa to lead on and take the connection in his name.

For some strange reason my company doesn't have the address and details of the villa we are living, I guess its due to the culture of PO Boxes in Qatar.

Things we need to get together for filing the application.
Street name, Street Number, Area Name, Villa Number, Electricity number, Water Connection Number and yes Neighbors Landline Phone number ( I guess its to trace the Exchange number)
And 300 Riyals.

Since I couldn't find any street sign board , I used and got the street name & number, Also our villa has no name or number, just something written vaguely in arabic, I guess its some holy saying or something.

Electricity number also done.

Hopefully in a day or two we shall manage to get the rest and submit the docs.
When will we go online, good question.... only time will tell.

We intend to use wireless routers or create a LAN and do the desi thing of sharing it between 4 guys :))

In Bombay the local cable operator who provides intenet can go live max in 2-3 days and never worries much about collecting payments, I guess this is what competition and opening of the economy can do for you.

Random conversation between me and hippy says (1:39 PM):

no probs re

i sent the mail

shiv sena is cool

it was protesting the bhiwandi attack against cops says (1:40 PM):

and it has burnt a police chowky in dadar says (1:40 PM):

shiv sena aaplich ahey re

at times they eat detergent instead of food and well, they start foaming like rabid's, business unusually usual.


Dont we love the Sena, more madness than beavis, butthead and Southpark gang :))

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mumbai: Helpline numbers

Incase you are in trouble due to the rain Please don't call me as I'm in Doha, You can try these numbers.

Power Supply

Reliance: 30303030

MSEB: 25686666

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

For emergency complaints like building or wall collapses, call 1916.

For fallen trees, short circuits or fire, call 101 or 23085991.

For drainage related complaints, call 1916.

Drainage control rooms: 23678109 (city), 26146852 (western suburbs) or 25153258 (eastern suburbs)

Central Railway

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus: 22697330

Dadar: 24143841

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Kurla: 26502475, 25298499

Kalyan: 95251-2311499

Western Railway

Call 131 or 22005388


Air India: 28318888

Indian Airlines: 1407

Jet Airways: 56986111

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shalom Bombay

Nice article on the Jews of Bombay who inspite tempted by opportunites in Israel move on in Bombay
Shalom Bombay :