Sunday, July 09, 2006

The fight for ADSL Connection

We are trying to get an ADSL line from QTel in our villa for the last 3 weeks and we haven't even completed 2% of the task.
First of all I need to get someone who has a Qatari RP, managed to coax my Jordanian friend who lives in our villa to lead on and take the connection in his name.

For some strange reason my company doesn't have the address and details of the villa we are living, I guess its due to the culture of PO Boxes in Qatar.

Things we need to get together for filing the application.
Street name, Street Number, Area Name, Villa Number, Electricity number, Water Connection Number and yes Neighbors Landline Phone number ( I guess its to trace the Exchange number)
And 300 Riyals.

Since I couldn't find any street sign board , I used and got the street name & number, Also our villa has no name or number, just something written vaguely in arabic, I guess its some holy saying or something.

Electricity number also done.

Hopefully in a day or two we shall manage to get the rest and submit the docs.
When will we go online, good question.... only time will tell.

We intend to use wireless routers or create a LAN and do the desi thing of sharing it between 4 guys :))

In Bombay the local cable operator who provides intenet can go live max in 2-3 days and never worries much about collecting payments, I guess this is what competition and opening of the economy can do for you.