Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Diamond mania at Juhu

A week after the rumours spread people are still heading to juhu chowpatty for the diamonds, a great equalizer and leveler the gold rush oops diamond rush has seen rich and the poor scavenging the dirty beach for the stones :))

Sometimes the mob psychosis can never be explained, I too was once part this kinda great search a few years ago.
When in college we guys used to go to he beach on Monday's to try our luck with gold, precious jewels, coins, and other stuff...Apart from dirtying my hands and clothes, I did manage to find a 1 gm gold part of some ladies locket.

Juhu, Dadar, Girgaum Chowpatty, Aksa, Madh, Gorai beaches each have over 2 lakh visitors every Sunday, there is a very high probability that they will lose something or drop something.... If you are lucky Bombay beaches can be a gold-diamond mine :))
Take a metal detector to increase the probability factor :)
Mid-day's Dope on the story
3 drown in search for diamonds at Juhu
Juhu beach diamonds turn out to be fakes
Scramble for diamonds on Juhu Beach

Friday, June 24, 2005

Unsung Monsoon Hero's of Bombay

This is BMC for you the ever striking and taking the city to ransom, often pampered, lazy, fit for nothing chodus of the nth order.......There's a lil truth in it, but there thousands of real hardworking and committed people in the BMC who do heroic work risking their life and limb doing everything from cleaning the gutters, drains,Manholes, Hospitals, Morgues, Sewage and toilets of this city of 14 million people who shit and piss anywhere and everywhere.
I wonder if Bombay is in a Fucked state now, what would it be without these unsung heroes.

Mid-Day has got something to say about them
Monsoon heroes keep city on track


This is a cool project Soundra Rajan from Deccan Herald is working on Teaching nd enhancing the level of English in schools in rural India.
I would appreciate if you guys could :
1. spread the word around about this project. (If successful this experiment could be replicated in many parts of India & Pakistan)
2. Give in your inputs about the projects to either me satish.vijaykumar@MyZus or write to Soundra Rajan directly at searchlight@sancharnet.in
3. Collate multimedia & pictorial study material for the kids.
4. Suggest innovative and simple designs for the lessons
5. Become a well-wisher and prays for the success of the project.

Do check out the PPT
Your Download-Link:

do lemme know
your views.

Batman Begins ......

Yesterday the heavens were pouring, millions of commuters were rushing early to grab seats and catch their favorite soaps, Me and usual suspect Bhatta decided not to do the daily running for trains, we watched Batman Begins, inspite of what I heard from all my friends that its a Fcukall movie and waste of money.... I liked the movie , and will continue to love the comic book hero's that I've grown reading up whether its Champak, Chandamama,Superman, Spiderman,Hulk, Mandrake, Lothar, Hojo, Bahadur, Phantom, Tinkle (suppandi,Shambu, hoodja), Archie's, Chacha Chowdery ( no matter how fcukall the English was).
I've learnt one thing about movies....."There are movies made for everyone and there are movies not made for everyone"
Worst case scenario you loose 40 bucks you paid for Stall at Eros

Baarish ka Dushman!!

Yesterday morning, rush hour time, I'm hurrying to catch the 9:24 Fast to Churchgate, its pouring, the whole station outside Borivali station is in a mess and stinking.
I hear a loud voice ...
" Baarish ka Dushman ... Bees rupiye mein"
" Baarish ka Dushman ... Bees rupiye mein"
I'm like WTF,  turned around...
Again, he says BOSS " Baarish ka Dushman ... Bees rupiye mein" " Baarish ka Dushman ... Bees rupiye mein"
Fucker was selling funny looking Rainy Caps for 20 Bucks, I dint buy it coz I have an even more funny looking large automatic yellow colored umbrella, maybe if it was the Fireman's Plastic Cap I would have bought it :))

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Mixxa pics

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
We wid Salil & his better 1/2!!

Give MRVCL a piece of your mind!!

Mumbai Rail Vikas Corp. Ltd is inviting feedback on the the new Blue coloured local trains ....
I suggest everyone has a look at it http://www.mrvc.co.in/feedbackform.htm
Give them a piece of your mind :))

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ek Gaon ki Boli Dusri Gaon ki gali

What may mean something to you may mean 360 opposite to my tribe.... datz Tribe Malluz for those who came is late!!

Chor :
For U : Some one who robs and pickpockets
For Tribe M : Something what we eat every afternoon and night

Blade Business :
For U : some thing what you use to shave and trim
For Tribe M :an organized group of local residents who lend money at usurious interest rates and use strong-arm tactics to recover the loan from defaulters.

Ummah :
For U : the Moslem Brotherhood
For tribe M : its a kiss.. puppy!!

Pota :
For U : Prevention of Terrorist Activities
For Tribe M : a funny looking dried thing used for scrubbing dirty bodies

Disco Chain :
For U : Show off!!
For Tribe M : Poor Fella!!

Jetty :
For U : a place where boats and ships hang out
For Tribe M : Underwear!!!

Visa :
For U : A gateway to a better life
For Tribe M : a birthRIGHT


For U : Share Dalal, Estate Agent
For Tribe M : A man who fixes marriages and usually take a 10% cut on the Dowry received.
Banana Chips :
For U : Funny yellow colored banana slices cooked in coconut oil
For Tribe M : Chakna wid Daru
For U : Distinction
For Tribe M : enough reason to have Tik 20 or jump in da well
For U : funny people wearing black coloured clothes and walking bare feet
For Tribe M : Our annual Woodstock!!
Bit :
For U : a lil
For Tribe M : a 5 min sleaze soft porn shown between Films in Shady Theatres
There are zillion more... damn zzzz now........
Feel free to add them on da kommend lizt :))

Monday, June 20, 2005

Saturday nite at Diva, Poa portuguesa

When the party started....

CnB, Shantanu, Me & Bhatta ( who later ran away from the party)

some where in between...

(wid Ghosh ..)
All da action... Salil Ankola former cricketer in Yellow

I dont remember!!!

Rain gods have descended ...

Bombay city looks clean and fresh......Train journey from Borivli to Churchgate was not sweaty, cool breeze and the occasional leaking in the compartments made it fun.....
The first obvious sign of the rains is the shortage of Rickshaws and Taxis ... these fuckers are never around when u need them...
Markets are up 60 pts as we speak, Rel Capital up 20% since it opened at 09:55 ....
Indra Bhagwan and your team do shower your blessing to this city and the Cool Nation of ourz...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ambani Saga - New Beginning

My entire family was glued to the screen on a Sunday evening not to watch a cricket match or Mallu movie but to watch the Anil Ambani press conference. His first press conf. after his settlement with his Brother.
Anil is gonna do some real kickass stuff.
Companies he has Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocomm.........

Mega public issues expected in Reliance Infocomm, buybacks expected from Rel. Capital and Rel Energy........His plans and his vision makes all these three companies a good solid long term buy...

Anil Dhirbhai Enterprises as it known is bidding for Trans Harbour link in Bombay, Bombay Airport, MUTP projects in Bombay....

If you are bullish on India, this is a must have in your portfolio....

Last but not the least Anil is still a shareholder in Reliance Industries :))

Tirupati Balaji has also been instrumental is finding the solutiona and enriching the investor by over 10,000 crores since last month :))

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

mid-day's Sting operation fails........

Patil's guards slap reporter

this is the Mid-day version, the other version by the vernacular media is that the Female journo was trying to get naughty with RR patil.
There are 3 possibilities either :
1. The journo wasn't the raapchick like BarBalas
2. R R Patil must be having different orientations
3. He is an honest politician doing his job.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sleaze Bombay style....


Mid-day does a sting operation on the silent or Pakdu bars in Bombay.

I'm after reading this story there will be a zillion tourists and terrorists and wannabe Cham Chams from all over India and abroad wanting to visit the PAdku Bar's.
As usual the Government and MAhila MAndals have made a mess of the existing night life culture......reforming the not so sleazy ladies bars in Pakdu Bars...
Mid-day by giving it front page coverage has given it total PUBLIC-SITY ....... over 7 lakh readers and over 10 lakhs who borrow the copy in the train will surely sniff around some Pakdu bars..

I guess they aren't wrong when they say "Duniya mein jo bhi hota hai ... Peth aur uske Neeche ke liye hota hai"

Sunday, June 12, 2005

new pinch!!!

my new mobile...6585
Number wahi... sirf andaz naya :))

Met 3 gurus yesterday

Yesterday I went to the India Equity Show at the Nehru Centre, I met 3 innovators and leaders of the Indian Computing industry.
Prof. D.B.Phatak
IIT Mumbai
Everytime I listen to Prof Phatak's speeches its so full of nationalism and passion for doing and thinking big for our nation. I think he rocks big time and is a wonderful asset to our nation. We also talked about the 3-6 % equity that is to given to IIT Bombay for the incubation at Kresit. IITB finally after 4 years has a structure in place for accepting equity in return for incubation space and resources.

He has started the eKalavya project on open source with his own money and after doing a yatra to over 70 Engineering colleges to check and improve the level of IT education in India. I think now the government is thinking about funding this mission . I wish him all the best .
you can check it out at http://ekalavya.iitb.ac.in/index.jsp

Prof. Swami Manohar CEO PicoPeta
India's first academic start up with prof's having equity, the makers of the Simputers. Doing wonderful things for people who can't afford a computer and making India proud. As for me I would love to a simputer with Skype,SMS and Email & games.

Amida Simputer

Rajesh Jain

The man behind the Internet revolution in India after selling IndiaWorld to sify for 115 million $.
His blog is must for all those who wanna follow the latest in the emerging tech world & markets.
check it out at http://www.emergic.org/

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

D for Documentry!!!


RGV thinks he has taken the sole proprietor of educating India about the Underworld......
every Bacha knows about the Haji mastan, Karim Lala, Varda bhai,Bada & Chota Rajan, Ashwin & Amar Naik and Arun Gawli story......
Nuttin new old gyan on 70 MM wid Dolby sound.
I found the movie ok, nuttin great, no music, Isha kopikaar was a total waste, Chunky pandey and Goga Kapoor did some nice stuff... the hero 'D' (Randeep Hoonda)must have spoken some 10-15 sentences in the whole movie....
Overall a well made documentary on the rise of 'D' .......a prequel to Company :))

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

VFM Bombay Chinese Food

Best VFM under 50 bucks only on a Chinese Gadi

For every 2 Vada Pav Ghadis there are 5 Chinese Ghadi's in Bombay. The names start from Omkar Chinese stall to Mandarin Pure Chinese to Pure JAin Chinese...

One cant juss miss it, red in color, usually with diwali lights and series running all year round, gas cylinders, masalas....
There are there everywhere on the streets of Bombay after 6 pm in every nook and corner of the city. 90% of the people who eat Chinese don't know what to order so they ask the guy normally a Bahadur or Thapa who look authentic Chinese.
Most popularly ordered stuff one by two chicken fried rice and noodles and manchow soup ...
there prices are normally same all over the city except in Nariman point,VT, Churchgate area where you get extra gravy wid one veg Manchurian piece.

Stuff which you get unlimited schewan Chutney (not sauce), vinegar, Soya sauce, chilly sauce.......

Stuff which I normally order
chicken triple rice ( schewan rice, noodles, fry noodles, omlette on top, with Manchurian gravy with chicken pakodas = Price 35 bucks)
veg/chicken Hakka noodles ( 25/28 bucks)
veg/chicken Fried rice with gravy ( 25/28 bucks)
Lung Fung soup/ Manchow soup...I dunno why its called so but I end up putting all the sauces to make it rocket. ( Always have it one by two ... 20 bucks full)
Chicken lollypop ( 6 pieces =35 bucks)
Stuff I don't recommend
American Chopsuey ( sweet stuff targeted for gujjus)
Chicken 65
Chicken Hong Kong
Sweet Corn soup ( Either the corn or the flour is ever missing)
There are many Chinese stalls that allow you to have your booze in a clandestine operation...i.e steel glass mein

to sum it up
When - 6 pm to 1 am
where - all over the city
why - coz you like it and don't want to spend much
what to eat - read the blog
budget - around 50 bucks per head
Health Warning - don't eat too much rocket stuff, can be not so hygienic at times ( at over 100 degrees Gas flame dunno wot will survive)

Bombay mein jo Chinese milta hai woh China mein bhi nahi milta :)

Hot Tips

Some Hot Tips I got from sources

  1. Indian Rayon
  2. Financial Technologies
  3. Nicco Corp
  4. TCS
  5. SBI
Disclosure I've some stake in FT & Nicco, Do your own research before investing.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

when it rains in Bombay.........

Everyone flips trips gets nostalgic and romantic when it rains in Bombay, There are many things about the rains I jusss hate from my bottom of my your know what ......

when it rains in Bombay.........

  1. You see more people shitting on the tracks.
  2. Puddles larger than the size of moon craters are created.
  3. the lifeline of Bombay ( the local trains) gets royally rogered over 5 million hapless souls are tortured big time.
  4. your Vada PAv gets soggy, tastes yucky.......
  5. The Bhaiyaas in the trains get another reason not to take bath.
  6. The stench of shit, garbage and gutter hits you and chokes you before you say WTF
  7. Sidey Rickshaw wallahs and Cab Drivers take you for royal rides and charge you inflated fares.
  8. king circle, DAdar, Mahim, Parel become no go zones.
  9. Marine Drive and Gateway can really dangerous and suck you in the Arabian sea.
  10. Fist Fights and Nails fights in trains are replaced by Umbrella fights.
  11. Slum dwellers are in shittin bricks mode... they dunno wots gonna get then first BMC or the Rains.
  12. Whole Bombay gets into scratching mode coz of wearing undies that haven't dried proprahly .
  13. Kingfisher makes way for Old Monk.
  14. Rawas, Surmai, Bombil and Bhangda get hyper expensive people stick to masala papad.
  15. Churchgate and VT station look like some rain dance club with a zillion wet bodies.
  16. Jaundice, Malaria and infinite other illness attack you.
  17. Bus rides are torturous and can take hours
  18. Rain drops hit you like bullets when you hang out of trains.
  19. Accidentally you will slip, trip and chance marao people at stations, roads, and puddles
  20. hundreds who fall in gutters and manholes are later fished out of Worli sea face.
  21. Aksa and MAdh Island get undue publicity.
  22. You get fed up with people who come and tell you "chal Bushy Dam Jaate hai"
The list is endless... If you also wanna add stuff please feel free add it in the comments sections

Pic courtesy TJ O'brien

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bunty aur Babli rocks!!!

3 hours of time passs... Big B, Small A and Even Smaller Rani have done a cool job...
Cameo's by many old and new stars are really cool and funny... Watch out for the Q. Quereshi's Dance....

Big B's first time dance in Jeans is also a definite dekko...

Many songs played in the background in many scenes are from old Amitabh's movies.....

Overall totall Timepass movie made for people who are filmy like me :))

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bunty Babli Bakra

Bunty Babli Bakra

This is why Mid-day rocks & beats the shit out off Bombay mirror, TOI..... Totall Kickass stuff...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Blog has been blocked in UAE

"We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates."

I guess my site is getting damn popular :)), I still have no clue why this has been done......