Tuesday, June 07, 2005

VFM Bombay Chinese Food

Best VFM under 50 bucks only on a Chinese Gadi

For every 2 Vada Pav Ghadis there are 5 Chinese Ghadi's in Bombay. The names start from Omkar Chinese stall to Mandarin Pure Chinese to Pure JAin Chinese...

One cant juss miss it, red in color, usually with diwali lights and series running all year round, gas cylinders, masalas....
There are there everywhere on the streets of Bombay after 6 pm in every nook and corner of the city. 90% of the people who eat Chinese don't know what to order so they ask the guy normally a Bahadur or Thapa who look authentic Chinese.
Most popularly ordered stuff one by two chicken fried rice and noodles and manchow soup ...
there prices are normally same all over the city except in Nariman point,VT, Churchgate area where you get extra gravy wid one veg Manchurian piece.

Stuff which you get unlimited schewan Chutney (not sauce), vinegar, Soya sauce, chilly sauce.......

Stuff which I normally order
chicken triple rice ( schewan rice, noodles, fry noodles, omlette on top, with Manchurian gravy with chicken pakodas = Price 35 bucks)
veg/chicken Hakka noodles ( 25/28 bucks)
veg/chicken Fried rice with gravy ( 25/28 bucks)
Lung Fung soup/ Manchow soup...I dunno why its called so but I end up putting all the sauces to make it rocket. ( Always have it one by two ... 20 bucks full)
Chicken lollypop ( 6 pieces =35 bucks)
Stuff I don't recommend
American Chopsuey ( sweet stuff targeted for gujjus)
Chicken 65
Chicken Hong Kong
Sweet Corn soup ( Either the corn or the flour is ever missing)
There are many Chinese stalls that allow you to have your booze in a clandestine operation...i.e steel glass mein

to sum it up
When - 6 pm to 1 am
where - all over the city
why - coz you like it and don't want to spend much
what to eat - read the blog
budget - around 50 bucks per head
Health Warning - don't eat too much rocket stuff, can be not so hygienic at times ( at over 100 degrees Gas flame dunno wot will survive)

Bombay mein jo Chinese milta hai woh China mein bhi nahi milta :)