Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yahoo! 360 - Want Invites??

Yahoo 360!! is live and gone public...

lemme know if ya need invites... send me a mail at , I have a few invites left.

wots yahoo!! 360 .... check it out at

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Second Tsunami expected!!!

Tsunami alerts
follow 8.2 quake
near Sumatra
Quake is described
as aftershock
of December temblor

Monday, March 28, 2005

How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back

Om malik on how yahoo got its mojo running...
Om Malik is senior writer with Business 2.0 magazine

Tech Buzz Game - Suspended for now :((

game is suspended.. only when I started making some fake money :))

this is wot it says
System Unavailable
Thank you for visiting the Tech Buzz Game. The game is temporarily suspended while we conduct system maintenance. Market discrepancies are presently being investigated. Trading will resume as soon as possible.

ye right... Nick leesons n parekh's of the world haven't spared the online world too.. shady...

Har Rang kuch kehta hai !!!

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
Though this year my holi was as colorful or mucky as previous years...
2001 was memorable ..holi wid team Myzus :))

Top 25: Innovations by CNN

Internet is definitely my favorite, I wish some one would compile the DESI 25 innovations.. or rather 25 changes of the last quater century. Remember da journey from 2 DD channels to 120 channels now.. we are still starved of quality TV :))

1. The Internet
2. Cell phone
3. Personal computers
4. Fiber optics
5. E-mail
6. Commercialized GPS
7. Portable computers
8. Memory storage discs
9. Consumer level digital camera
10. Radio frequency ID tags
11. MEMS
12. DNA fingerprinting
13. Air bags
14. ATM
15. Advanced batteries
16. Hybrid car
17. OLEDs
18. Display panels
19. HDTV
20. Space shuttle
21. Nanotechnology
22. Flash memory
23. Voice mail
24. Modern hearing aids
25. Short Range, High Frequency Radio

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Places in India I've been...

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
Cant belive even after travelling so far n wide.. I still feel lost at times :))

check out to do India mapping urself

Happy Trading

Happy Trading
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
How to think in the trade? .. I guess thsi holds ture for all the world markets.
Got it from a Yahoogroup.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Warren Buffet's Annual Shareholder Letter

Warren Buffet's Annual Shareholder Letter
Warren Buffett is the world second richest man... He hasnt done any rocket science way of making money, He juss made 20% each year, something that any college student or retired person can do... but the studdgiri is that he did that continously for 40 years :))

The 2004 annual report is out and the letter is available online.
It’s required reading for anyone running a company – for substance, organization, style, tone, and wit.
If you feel ambitious, you can (and should) read the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters going back to 1977.

Sigfood anyone!!

I've written a review on South Indian Concerns - a Mess in Matunga

Add sigfood to your friends list NOW!
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And you can keep up with updates on the best food places in Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Taiwan!If you prefer an RSS Reader this is the RSS feed link.

sigfood is da brainchild of my friend Cnb... more abt him at his Gheun Tak blog

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Transparent Screens

Transparent Screens.
probably should try these in diffrent locations and places around da world :):)

Fukt Mumbai Madhye!!!

photographs courtesy Philip Greenspun

How to do a startup - Paul Graham

Paul Graham – founder of Viaweb (bought by Yahoo! in the late 1990s) and author of Hackers & Painters – has two new excellent essays up.
How To Start A Startup. Paul thinks you need three things: (1) good people, (2) make stuff people want, and (3) spend as little money as possible. All the right stuff with fun examples, lots of Paul’s trademark bluntness, and plenty of provocative questions.
A Unified Theory of VC Suckage.
RSS feed up on his site so you can have his thoughts delivered directly to your computer.

link via Brad Feld

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Unique stool ..really cool

I would love to have a few of these stoolsin my house :) would definitely customise it wid my own commands :):)
Wonder if the Dhabas on da highway would like to use em ... should be cool.

101 rules for extreme metal!

awesome stuff sent by my rocker friend hippy.

01. You must listen to (and name) at least 100 metal bands (power metal not included) before you are extreme.

02. Hair must be shoulder length, longer, or completely shaved off.

03. Drummers must weigh either under 60kg, or over 140kg - No in betweens.

04. Band logos must be totally undecipherable.

05. Song tempos are only allowed to register under 40bpm (extreme), or over 240bpm (extreme).

06. Thank-you list must comprise of every extreme metal band in existence (even if you have never met the band or heard their music).

07. The police picture of your ex-vocalist’s suicide must be used for the next album cover.

08. Drummer must be limited to blast beats and grind beats (even at 40bpm)

09. Profess the glory of Satan, especially if you are an atheist.

10. Sing about ancient cultures, and invent your own language to sing in.

11. Develop cancer or a tumor of some type.

12. Refer to 1

13. Wear every manner of injury inflicting clothing - manacles, bullet
belts, spiky shin pads etc.

14. Sing about the dark lord and/or gore on your first album, and then
onto politics and life on all proceeding albums, apparently you 'have matured'.

15. Wear black. Always.

16. Drive a funeral car as transportation for the band.

17. Release an album, then a year later, re-release it with a bonus track
just to make people buy the album again.

18. Record twice as many songs as you plan to release, then ten year's later release the album as a collector's item.

19. Record a whole bunch of new songs, add a high frequency hiss, and cut the low frequencies, then release it as 'pre-band demo recordings'

20. Guitars must be shaped so that they may be used as a grievous weapon.

21. Never ever have the same band line up for any album or tour.

22. Feud with the band members that move on to other bands (good

23. Pretend that you 'hail from Norway'.

24. Do as many side projects that are humanly possible in your extreme time budget. One band, at least, must feature a female singer (your wife, cause no one else is extreme enough).

25. Albums should either be less than thirty minutes, or exactly sixty six minutes and six seconds.

26. In summer, black clothing can be hand torn into singlets and shorts to deal with heat (NEVER use scissors)

27. Have a royal throne for a toilet seat/table seat/car seat etc.

28. Marry a girl with so many piercings, she has more metal in her than a Massey Fergusson tractor – and can never get through a metal detector at the airport.

29. Have 52 metal t-shirts - one for each week of the year.

30. Play only Jackson and/or B.C.Rich guitars.

31. The first letter of every album titles must start at A, and then progress through the alphabet. (Altars of Madness, Blessed Are the Sick, Covenant...)

32. Become a 'specialist producer' of extreme metal, and build your very own studio in the heart of the Norwegian forest (helps with Forest Metal).

33. Forest metal is running round a dark forest, with a $10 Casio Keyboard, and a $5 microphone, records your new 'extreme atmospheric project'

34. Sing about serial killers only after you've met one and formed a relationship with them.

35. Never play in key. Chromaticism is the only way.

36. Let keyboard players 'jump' from band to band (it’s the only jumping they're allowed to do).
37. Claim to have burnt down a church and gone to jail for it (even if you really haven't).

38. Say the word 'EXTREME' and cross your arms in a X shape when you shout it, as often as possible

39. Play the bass without a plectrum.

40. Play drums barefoot, or in white socks if feeling especially extreme.

41. Call everyone 'Sons of Satan' even if you are addressing a female.

42. Be involved in the porn industry in any way possible, preferably as an actor called 'Penetrator' or 'Frosty-Spire'

43. Play only Axis bass drum pedals.

44. Take speed to be the fastest band on earth.

45. Smoke weed to be the slowest band on earth.

46. Guitars must be tuned lower than Ab before they are considered extreme.

47. Guitar solos must not sound anything like Yngwie Malmsteen or blues – solos must be so fast that fingers bleed.

48. Resurrect shitty black metal bands, call yourself 'cult' and then release albums with the shittiest possible production (by referring to rule 33).

49. Television viewing media is restricted to 'The Simpsons' and 'Homicide'.

50. List 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' as your all time favourite movie, only after 'Debbie Does Dallas'.

51. Tour every country possible, but NEVER EVER New Zealand.

52. Support established extreme metal acts, become famous, and even bigger than these acts, then never have anything to do with them again.

53. Drummers: 3 bars of blast beats followed by 1 bar of drum fill. Repeat. Do not deviate from this pattern, failure to follow these instructions may make you less extreme.

54. Marshall amps suck - Mesa Boogie amps rule.

55. Never use your real name, claim your extreme parents gave you the name ‘Persecuter’ at birth.

56. Call your band 'The Next Generation in Extreme Metal' (don't forget to cross your arms) even if you sound like you came straight from the 80's.

57. Make sure your band name is the same as another band's name in
the other hemisphere.

58. Cite Darkthrone as a major influence (even if you have never heard them).

59. Have even more disturbing album artwork than the last 'yesterday' extreme band. Hire a professional uber-gore-meister-artist (primarily yourself - don't forget to change your name).

60. (a) Murder a person in another band to elevate you to extreme infamousness - publicity helps.

60. (b) Then write the rest of your albums from jail

61. Say that you've recorded at Morrisound Studios, Florida, USA, with Scott Burns as producer.

62. Organise tours with at least 9 bands on the bill - $6.66 tickets.

63. Have competitions on stage to see which of the nine bands can play the fastest.

64. Always have two (or more) bass drums.

65. Head band until you get told by the doctor that those headaches
indicate the possibility of serious brain damage. Carry on headbanging anyway because it is extreme.

66. When singing live, always do 'vocal bails' - do a low growl, because you know that when you go pussy high, you are going to fail it miserably.

67. Refer to 1.

68. Tell everyone that you are going to write all album material by yourself because the music and lyrics are headed in the wrong direction.

69. Join your wife's band.

70. Record an extreme metal video in ONLY ONE (1) of FOUR (4) possibly locations i) A Church, ii) A Graveyard, iii) A Forest, iv) A Castle.

71. If rule 70 ends up being too extensive, paint your band practice room black (it should be already, unless you are un-extreme), wear all black, and have different coloured instruments, so that viewers can only make out them, and your faces (which are white).

72. Bite a dove's head off (or substitute for any form of fowl).

73. All band photos must involve you holding a gun or axe.

74. All band photos must feature naked women looking like your loyal slaves.

75. Get rid of your drummer because he is too slow - get a drum machine instead.

76. Sing in as many different bands as you can possibly whore yourself too, and be totally un-committed to any of them. Unreliable as f@ck = extreme.

77. Record a Slayer cover.

78. After a band 'calls it a day', attempt to contact Rob Halford to start a new band.

79. Or alternatively, Phil Anselmo to resurrect a dead band.

80. Rip off as many samples from horror movies as possible to use in your extreme album. Copyright is for pussies.

81. Triggered drums are the only way to go, even if your snare sounds like a 6" tom.

82. Experience a heroin overdose, live through it, and say that you had to come back because Satan told you that you must piss more people off.

83. Say that you are a Satanist and that you only listen to black metal.

84. Say 'Morbid Angel is the best f@cking death metal band in the world".

85. A toilet is the best place to keep beer and alcohol chilled.

86. Kill your offspring if they become house/trance DJ's.

87. Admit you used to air guitar to KISS and that Gene Simmons is your

88. Listen and air drum to Motley Crue's 'Dr. FeelGood' album (yes its ok to do that).

89. Splatter as much fake blood on stage and your audience as stated in the rules of accordance in hiring your venue.

90. Wait, rules are for pussies.

91. Try to get your long hair stuck in as many people's mouths as possible in the audience.

92. Sing so brutal and low, so that people, who even know your lyrics, can't sing along, thus sound pussy in comparison to you. Exert your Extreme Dominance.

93 Recording a jam session in a blizzard on the snowy slopes of Norway is part of the pre-production for your new album.

94. Destroy as many hotel rooms as possible while on tour.

95. Beware of power metal album covers that look like black metal album covers - deception can be brutal.

96. Your middle name must be that of a weapon, succeeded by the word 'The'. eg. "John 'The Missle/Axe/Torpedo' Smith".

97. Wearing leather pants means they must be tight enough to show a dick print.

98. Corpse paint is compulsory when meeting the in-laws.

99. Lay down the smack on all people not as extreme as you, exert your dominance extremely.

100. Work/Live by a steel factory and claim that 'metal has been in my blood from a young age'.

101. The most important rule of extreme metal: “In order to create art of the most truest form, one must live it.” Kill yourself and die, and only then can you write and perform the most extreme of extreme metal possible.

Monday, March 21, 2005

abzolutley mad, cool, wacky ad by Idea Cellular

a spoof on da super hit mallu movie lajjvadi this is da ultimate thing one can do to physce anyone u know or at least drive them insane :):)
get up n dance like mohanlal or prabhu or rajni...

you can download the ad out here

and do da ultimate dance steps...

Tech Buzz Game by Yahoo!

Really cool tech game ala mock stock ex, motive is to Predict Future Technology Trends.
Though the prizes are for US nationals only, I think its definitly worth playing minus da prizes.
I've been hooked onto it already :)
Here's my portfolio as of today...
My Portfolio
Quantity Value
GOOGAD 292 $2,774.51
VIRUS 211 $482.30
BLOGGER 1242 $676.78
FFOX 295 $1,234.07
GUTENBERG 54 $651.72
MOBTXT 113 $2,430.40
KAZAA 108 $614.08
SPURL 20 $9.82
ORKUT 1396 $845.61
FLICKRTG 34 $483.51

check it out at
Joint Research Project Enables Participants to Buy and Sell Virtual Shares of Technology Topics
Yahoo! Research Labs, Yahoo!'s organization for advanced research in science and technology, has teamed with O'Reilly Media, the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies, to develop a joint research project called the Tech Buzz Game (, an online prediction market that allows consumers to forecast the popularity of technology concepts, products and trends.

DD.. no tnx!!!

If you might have watch the last match between India and Pakistan, I'm sure like millions of fans you also might have banged your head on da wall and cried in pain on the pathetic coverage of Doordarshan and the insane level of commercialization by DD.
3-4 ads between every over
ads start at any time even before the over gets over, in between the over,
exactly before any important timing of the match DD show infinite crappy ads
I think anything ..Sony, ESPN, ZEE, Star Sports should be fine but please no Doordarshan ... god have mercy on us.

DD rot in Hell!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

coolest blog on the world of finance and investing

Seeking Alpha  The Finance Blog Resource Page: a list of the best economics, investing, venture capital and personal finance blogs.
One of the coolest ones on the world wide web, blog is managed by David Jackson.
He is coming up wid a India specific blog,something on the lines of  more on that later.

p.s the link to David's blog was referred through Rajesh jain's blog :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

World's smallest Website !! ---

 Guys just click the link below and see the world's smallest website ever... it has flash games and much more.... try surfing it...

please put in your feedback..... although its pretty useless.... its an unique idea.. very well developed... too good... check it out !!


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MyZus is Hiring...

My company MyZus (wouldn't call it Ex) is looking for two Senior Techies (Senior Technology Mgr & Project Leader )

needed to propel the company’s organic growth around the world, to help identify and hire dedicated & driven people with high potential,

MyZus is a global technology company providing software solutions for cellular operators, customer management and call
centers around the world.

Some of the qualities I think you must have -

1. Be mentally prepared for exciting and demanding


2. Have the energy to be successful.

3. Be self-paced and self-motivated.

4. 5. Be considered "one of the best" by your peers.

6. 11. Be ready to trade short-term risks for that

ultimate "pile of gold" (or fame).

The Job Details :

1. Senior Technology Mgr - Experience ( 5 - 8 years) -

- Good knowledge of Core and advanced Java.
- Experience in J2EE Development with Application Server such as Websphere / Weblogic.
- Must have the knowledge about Application Deployment along with experience in EJB and JMS.
- Experience in JSP and Web Servers like Apache / Jakarta Tomcat / Struts.
- Experience Oracle Database Server. Preferably, he/she should have worked on version 8 or above.
- Should be proficient in XML, SOAP and WML
- Should be comfortable with both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
- Knowledge about Telecom and Mobile applications, J2ME and third party component integration such as SMSC, MMSC and Payment Gateway is desired. A hand on experience in the same would be an added advantage.

2. Project Leader - Experience ( 3 - 5 years)

- Good knowledge of Core and advanced Java.
- Experience in J2EE Development with Application Server such as Websphere.
- Must have the knowledge about Application Deployment along with experience in EJB and JMS.
- Experience in JSP and Web Servers like Apache / Jakarta Tomcat / Struts.
- Experience Oracle Database Server. Preferably, he/she should have worked on version 8 or above.
- Should be proficient in XML, SOAP and WML
- Should be comfortable with Linux Operating Systems.
- Knowledge about Telecom and Mobile applications, J2ME and third party component integration such as SMSC and Payment Gateway is desired.

If you want to be part of the next hot technology company with high potential for success and

rewards, and you desire to contribute from the ground

floor and progress your career with the growth of the

company, this venture may be the ONE!

Feel free to send your resume to me at or forward this to any of your friends who may be interested.


Satish Vijaykumar

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

life's game.... failure...

when u fail in something you felt was right, had your passion into it... ur freidns make fun of it... wot does it make u do...
well nothing as such to me... i know i can rock it... people can send da all da drawing n da sms its ok wid me..
i'm happy i've a few freinds who inspite how stupid or crazy i'm belive in me...
for rest of em its ok ur still my freinds..

Monday, March 14, 2005

Tremors rattle Bombay,

15.14 IST.... I'm in Mittal Tower, 8th floor.... I feel myself moving a bit.. away from my laptop.. maaaaaaaaaan its an Earthquake... it last for 15-20 seconds.. but it felt endless....
Totall tense feeling... many running out of the buildings in Nariman point... a reason to run home early :)
Bombay has been lucky so far about da earthquakes, but for how long. We have 3 seismic fault lines cris-crossing across da city. Some say its all due to da God's blessings in Bombay.. viz mumbdadevi,mount mary, haji ali ..
There was an earthquake oday morning in the Andamans too... some co-relation??

rediff reports

Tremors rattle parts of Maharashtra

Tremors rattled Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra at around 1514 IST on Monday.

Though details are awaited, received calls from Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Karad reporting tremors.

Initial reports said the earthquake, measuring 5.1 on the Richter Scale, was centered around Koyna in western Maharashtra.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Forbes Billionaires List Top 100

We have 3 indians Mittal, Azim Premji & Ambanis... wonder apna number kabi ayega ...
If our tally reaches around 25 then I think India should have reached a decent level of growth and prosperity.

Forbes Billionaires List Top 100

1. William Gates III, Washington, 49, $46.5, Microsoft

2. Warren Buffett, Nebraska, 74, $44, Berkshire Hathaway

3. Lakshmi Mittal, India, 54, $25, steel

4. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico, 65, $23.8, telecom

5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabia, 48,
$23.7, investments

6. Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden, 78, $23, Ikea

7. Paul Allen, Washington, 52, $21, Microsoft,

8. Karl Albrecht, Germany, 85, $18.5, supermarkets

9. Lawrence Ellison, California, 60, $18.4, Oracle

10. S. Robson Walton,
Arkansas, 61, $18.3, Wal-Mart

11. Jim Walton, Arkansas, 57, $18.2, Wal-Mart

11. John Walton, Arkansas, 59, $18.2, Wal-Mart

13. Alice Walton, Texas, 56, $18, Wal-Mart

13. Helen Walton, Arkansas, 85, $18, Wal-Mart

15. Kenneth Thomson and family, Canada, 81, $17.9, publishing

16. Liliane Bettencourt, France, 82, $17.2, L'Oreal

17. Bernard Arnault, France, 56, $17, LVMH

18. Michael Dell, Texas, 40, $16, Dell

19. Sheldon Adelson, Nevada, 71, $15.6, casinos, hotels

20. Theo Albrecht, Germany, 83, $15.5, supermarkets

21. Roman Abramovich, Russia, 38, $13.3, oil

22. Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong, 76, $13, diversified

23. Amancio Ortega, Spain, 69, $12.6, Zara

24. Steven Ballmer, Washington, 49, $12.1, Microsoft

25. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy, 68, $12, media

25. Abigail Johnson, Massachusetts, 43, $12, Fidelity

27. Barbara Cox Anthony, Hawaii, 81, $11.7, Cox Enterprises

27. Anne Cox Chambers, Georgia, 85, $11.7, Cox Enterprises

29. Stefan Persson, Sweden, 57, $11.2, Hennes & Mauritz

30. John Kluge, Florida, 90, $11, Metromedia

31. Raymond, Thomas and Walter Kwok, Hong Kong, no age given, $10.9, real estate

32. Forrest Mars Jr., Virginia, 73, $10.4, candy

32. Jacqueline Mars, New Jersey, 65, $10.4, candy

32. John Mars, Virginia, 68, $10.4, candy

35. Luciano Benetton and family, Italy, 69, $9.9, Benetton

35. Pierre Omidyar, Nevada, 37, $9.9, Ebay

35. Galen Weston and family, Canada, 64, $9.9, retail

38. Lee Shau Kee, Hong Kong, 77, $9.3, real estate

38. Azim Premji, India, 59, $9.3, software

40. Nasser Al-Kharafi and family, Kuwait, 61, $9, construction

41. Kirk Kerkorian, California, 87, $8.9, investments, casinos

42. Sumner Redstone, California, 81, $8.8 Viacom

43. Leonardo Del Vecchio, Italy, 69, $8.5, eyewear

43. Michele Ferrero and family, Italy, 78, $8.5, chocolates

45. Michael Otto and family, Germany, 61, $8.3, retail

46. Susanne Klatten, Germany, 43, $8.2, BMW

46. Philip Knight, Oregon, 67, $8.2, Nike

46. Hans Rausing, Sweden, 79, $8.2, packaging

49. Serge Dassault and family, France, 80, $7.8, aviation

49. Carl Icahn, New York, 69, $7.8, leveraged buyouts

49. Keith Rupert Murdoch, New York, 74, $7.8, News Corp.

52. Rudolf August Oetker and family, Germany, 88, $7.7, food

53. Birgit Rausing and family, Sweden, 81, $7.6, packaging

54. Spiro Latsis and family, Greece, 58, $7.5, banking

55. Sergey Brin, California, 31, $7.2, Google

55. Charles Ergen, Colorado, 52, $7.2, EchoStar

55. Larry Page, California, 32, $7.2, Google

55. George Soros, New York, 74, $7.2, hedge funds

55. Reinhold Wurth, Germany, 69, $7.2, manufacturing

60. Mukesh and Anil Ambani, India, no age given, $7,

60. Mikhail Fridman, Russia, 40, $7, oil, banking

60. Vladimir Lisin, Russia, 48, $7, steel

60. Donald Newhouse, New Jersey, NJ, 75, $7, publishing

60. Samuel Newhouse Jr., New York, 77, $7, publishing

65. Adolf Merckle, Germany, 70, $6.9, drugs

66. Stefan Quandt, Germany, 39, $6.7, BMW

67. Micky Arison, Florida, 55, $6.5, Carnival Cruises

68. Philip and Cristina Green, Britain, no age given, $6.3, retail

68. Maria-Elisabeth and Georg Schaeffler, Germany, no age given, $6.3, ball bearings

68. August von Finck, Germany, 74, $6.3, investments

71. Eli Broad, California, 71, $6.1, investments

72. Curt Engelhorn, Germany, 78, $6, drugs

72. Friedrich Flick Jr., Germany, 78, $6, investments

72. Edward Johnson III, Massachusetts, 74, $6, Fidelity

72. Nicky Oppenheimer and family, South Africa, 59, $6, De Beers

76. Francois Pinault, France, 68, $5.9, retail

77. Philip Anschutz, Colorado, 65, $5.8, investments

77. Ernesto Bertarelli, Switzerland, 39, $5.8, biotech

77. Nobutada Saji and family, Japan, 59, $5.8, beverages

80. Sulaiman Bin Abdul Al Rajhi, Saudi Arabia, 85, $5.6, banking

80. Yoshitaka Fukuda and family, Japan, 57, $5.6, credit

80. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor and family, Britain, 53, $5.6, real estate

80. Reinhard Mohn and family, Germany, 83, $5.6, media

84. Shari Arison, Israel, 47, $5.5, inheritance, cruise ships

84. Oleg Deripaska, Russia, 36, $5.5, aluminum

84. Yasuo Takei and family, Japan, 75, $5.5, credit

87. Jean-Claude Decaux and family, France, 67, $5.4, advertising

87. Antonia Johnson, Sweden, 61, $5.4, diversified

87. Johanna Quandt, Germany, 77, $5.4, BMW

90. Maersk McKinney Moller, Denmark, 91, $5.3, shipping

91. Joseph and Moise Safra, Brazil, no age given, $5.2, banking

91. Onsi Sawiris and family, Egypt, 75, $5.2, contracting

93. Dan Duncan, Texas, 72, $5.1, natural gas

94. Michael Bloomberg, New York, 62, $5, Bloomberg L.P.

94. Gustavo Cisneros and family, Venezuela, 59, $5, media

94. Rafael del Pino, Spain, 84, $5, construction

94. Robert Kuok, Malaysia, 81, $5, diversified

94. Kerry Packer, Australia, 67, $5, media

94. Hasso Plattner, Germany, 61, $5, SAP

94. Jeffrey Skoll, Canada (lives in California), 40,
$5, Ebay

94. Viktor Vekselberg, Russia, 47, $5, oil, metals

94. H. Ty Warner, Illinois, 61, $5, Beanie Babies

103. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, Netherlands, 50, $4.9, Heineken

103. Eitaro Itoyama, Japan, 62, $4.9, golf courses

103. Rahmi Koc and family, Turkey, 74, $4.9, diversified

103. Ronald Perelman, New York, 62, $4.9, leveraged

Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Bit for da World

My Bit for da World
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
I heard Art is big money... anyone intrested in copies of my artwork... proceeds will go to da Tsunami relief fund.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A fund that could glitter

The Hindu Business Line : A fund that could glitter

If one goes by the gold mania prevailig in our country today,I wont be surprised if gold bonds n equities are worn & hung around by Desis during weddings and other occasions..

On a serious note it a good step towards creating a bigger investor pool in our nation where only 2-3% invests in equities n mutual funds, this would lead them to many other opportunites.

awesome art site.... :)) artPad

ornijal masterpiece by me :)) is wonderful toy to unleash your creative side... wid cool features n replays ........

coolstoolz.. creative stuff...

Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
Should be fun to have this in India :):)
Desi mem englis stool :))

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

FM Chidambaram rocks

The budget was one of the shortest n most edited given by any finance ministers in recent times... no quotes no shayri's no "main hoon na" no jokes... to da points in your face.. real busines...
India has a wonderful team at the helm of affairs Manmohan,PC, Montek and Jairam Ramesh.. Sam Pitroda, I belive is also some where in the background. i think its a good time to invest in India, We have a billion reasons to be bullish.

The best thing I liked about the budget was the 10 Rs tax on any cash withdrawal over 10000 bucks... or 0.1 % .. the entire industry and the political world is up in arms about it... they have totally forgotten the other serious proposals n taxes. Reminds me to the joke about the bicycle repair man and the pakistanis.

Vajpayee and Bush are sitting in a bar. A guy walks in and asks the Barman,

"Isn't that Bush and Vajpayee?"
The barman says "Yep, thats them." So the guy walks over and says,"Hello, what
are u guys doing?"
And Bush says, "We're planning world war 3"
And the guy says, "Really? What's going to happen?"
And Vajpayee says, "Well, we're going to kill 14 million Pakistanis and a
bicycle repairman."
And the guy exclaimed, "A bicycle repairman?!!!"
So Vajpayee turns to Bush and says, " See, I told you no-one would worry about
the 14 million Pakistanis!"

And yes the Sensex & Nifty are a bit low after hitting an all time high yesterday.