Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jhatpat Lottery in Qatar

Score Lottery
For those who know me well I don't hesitate to gamble on anything be it shares, futures, commodities, lotto, cricket, jhatpat anything and every thing except for matches involving India.

Though gambling is officially banned in all Islamic countries, raffle draws and lucky dips are very common in this part of the world... I checked out an advance form of our Desi 1 Re Jhatpat Lottery which school kids play... This is a cool kinda lotto called 'SCORE' to promote attendance in Stadiums in Qatar... One buys a SCORE Ticket for 10 Qatari Riyals (about 130 bucks), the ticket has 3 parts
1) the main part where you have to scratch in the circle, if you have 3 same amounts you win ( eg. If I get 50 Qr thrice I Win)
2) Scratch to win the Honda Car
3) You tear and submit the Third portion to the mega raffle draw prize of 100000 QR.

First time I won 10 Qr, no money given Instead another ticket given next time I won 50 QR, not bad to start :))

They say that one always wins in the beginning, dekte hai :))

After all scratching ain't that bad :))

The Whole World....

...reads their mail only from Monday to Friday!!
Please check your mails on Saturday & Sunday... Write to me!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

When it Rains in Qatar!!

Doha Rainy SKy

Wet Doha Road

wet wet wet doha

Thanks to Global Warming the Middle East has witnessed Rains, Thunder and Lightning...

The climate is really cool at around 16 degrees with pleasant breeze throughout the day...
One could find infinite stray cats looking dazed hiding under staircases in buildings and villas and many puddles of desert slush refusing to evaporate.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

India is really Double Dholki!!

Salman Khan kills a black buck he gets 1 year jail & 5k fine.... DP Yadav son & friends kill Jessica Lal in front for 600 people go scot-free.

Meena Iyer, a reporter on the Bollywood beat in Times reports about Manisha Koirala dogs name, she is arrested the next day for deliberately injuring religious sentiments., while Thackeray, Modi ,& Togadia & Co have been doing it for their entire lifetime have not been touched and have been given police security at taxpayers money.

DPS MMS video & Sanju Baba's audio conversations was shown 24/7 on all channels, while Amar Singh's audio tape is not been telecast anywhere by any radio, print or TV channel.

Its like Hum kare to balaatkar tum kare to Chamatkar!!

Wah re mere double standard media & system!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inzamam-ul-haq !!!!!

Rameez: So Inzy, disappointed with your performance today?
Inzy: Bismilla-e-rehman-e-rahim. Thank you allah.ya the indian
batsman is play very good today. we is try very hard but is not win
the game.
Rameez: Any words for Dhoni?
Inzy: Ya dhoni is play very well. He is hit his shot very hard in our
gaps. In start, we is protect our gaps very well. the grass is also
thick.. but dhoni is split our gaps with his bat.
Rameez: Another ordinary bowling performance?
Inzy: Ya our balls is loose. the bowler is went for many run. Asif is
bowled well. Also, after some shots the ball is out of shape. umpire
is not give another ball.. it is tough to play with one ball
Rameez: Dropped catches.. did that prove costly?
Inzy: ya the ball is not stick to our hands. we is practice a lot
sticking our bat in our hands.. but now we is more practice sticking
balls in our hands.
Rameez: Any plans for the next match?
Inzy: ya India is on top but we is try to bounce on our back. Insha
allah we is play better.
Rameez: All the best Inzy
Inzy: Thank is you
Rameez can easliy ask in Urdu and save all the trouble I think he purposely rubs it in. Jokes Apart I think Inzy is one of the most dangerous players of the games and one of the most sporting captain one could find.



- Keep looking tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you're in the cellar), be seen in smart restaurants (even if you nurse one drink), and if you borrow, borrow big.-

Aristotle Onassis (1900? - 1975)
Turkish-born Greek shipping magnate

via Andy Hobo

Forced to sell lottery tickets by school, two girls try suicide - DNA

The story
DNA - Mumbai - �Forced� to sell lottery tickets by school, two girls try suicide - Daily News & Analysis

A Victim myself, I used to be petrified by the thought & had nightmares of these donations and Raffle Draws being forced on us by our mean teachers who themselves were tortured by their supervisors.
I used to hide underneath the benches to avoid being handed the Collection - Begging Form but never succeeded in doing so as the teacher marked it against ones roll numbers.
Once you had the form you 3 days would be off depression as I never liked going for donations and fooling my neighbors that they would win prizes and the school was using it for a good cause. I always knew that it would be used by the Brothers to paint their dormitory or for their foreign junkets.

A week into the Begging Scheme the teacher would take an update and me and fellow lazy friends from IC Colony usually got the flack for not submitting it in time, the Gujjus in the class were the teachers darling. They promptly filled all they names and always had the highest collection usually sponsored by their Dad with all their relatives names.
As you must know mallu parents never sponsored anything and I always had to fend for myself. By the time I started visiting the houses the usual excuses would be
a) We already gave donation to other kids b) Our Children also have these formsc) We don't give donations d) Come Tomorrow

But there was some success like some Old Goan Couples who always like the Idea of Raffle Draws, Maharashtrian aunties who were so used to the "vargani" word, usual Bania & Mangalore Stores, Friends and Family members.

The idea was to collect at least 25 Rupees from the total target of 100 Rupees and submit it at the last day. If one tried to be a smart ass and submit the donation form early the teacher usually gave another form.

The prizes for highest collection were often super chindi Autograph Photo of Indian Cricket Team, Autographed Miniature Cricket Bat and a Badge none of which ever changed in years.

The schools across India have institutionalized begging and go by the motto "Catch them Young and watch them Grow".... I dunno how many grew up become maha Beggars but I always donate to the school kids whatever schemes they come Armed Forces, Leprosy, Girl Child Fund, World Wildlife Fund, School Bldg Fund.

It takes one Victim to know another!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Kebeb fest in IC Colony

Mela-E-Kabab, a month-long kebab festival currently on at Silver Coin restaurant in Borivli’s IC Colony.

Shady I'll be missing it ... Aaaaah!!!
My Favorites is the usual Kebab platter with roomali roti with the green chutney n lemon.
The Turkish restaurants here in Doha also have delicious kebabs & lamb chops & Iskanders but minus the chutney and aren't that spicy..

Silver Coin strikes gold with kebeb fest

Keep Fighting!!

ज़िंदग़ी है तो ख़्वाब हैं ...
ख़्वाब हैं तो मंज़िलें हैं ...
मंज़िलें हैं तो रास्ते हैं  ...
रास्ते हैं तो मुश्किलें हैं  ...
मुश्किलें हैं तो हौसला है ...
हौसला है तो विश्वास है ...
क़े Fighter हमेशा जीतता है ...
via Sandy

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thief sends lewd SMS to contacts on Bollywood actor's stolen phone

A cell phone thief in India sent obscene messages to several people on the owners contact list, bollywood actor Nishit Verma, "Can we have sex tonight? Please reply by SMS" and other much more graphic messages.

"Some people informed me about the lewd SMS. There are probably many more, but they do not know me well, so I have not heard from them. It had the numbers of directors, producers and some actors too, said Verma."

[via the Mumbai Mirror]

Now that we all knowMr. Filmy NisHIT Verma ,the million Dollar question is this is a new publicity stunt coz sex sells anyday!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fulltoo TP - 100% Guaranteed

You draw a sketch, click submit and receive another in return.

Check it out :)

And now something about Doha..

You guys must be wondering its been close to 4 weeks in Doha and I haven't given you the Doha Dope?, Well 2 reasons I was kinda busy and I dint explore much of Doha to write about it....
But now I guess I can put my initials reaction in bullet points !!
  • The Whole country is full of construction workers and Caterpillars, readying it self for Asian Games 2006
  • Local Qatari's minting money in IPO's
  • There is an absolute shortage of Taxis and they expensive considering Petrol is cheaper than water here.
  • The local food is not all spicy.
  • The water in the sea is crystal clear and green in colour
  • The Emir is a visionary and has done good things and shares wealth with his subjects.
  • Qatar is the only country with the alphabet 'Q'
  • Malayalam will be of more help here than Arabic or English.
  • Like Poona all shops are closed from 11 am to 5 pm
  • The local Supermarkets like Bania shops in India give you bubble gum instead of remaining change.
  • Arabs are more courteous than Desis to the pedestrians.
  • There are at least 4 ladies beauty parlours on every street.
  • Grown up Kids here don't ride cycles but they ride Tri-Cycles.
  • Dating is done by Blue Tooth.
  • The Ring Roads at night witness races and stunts by dare devil Ninja & Kawasaki Bikers
  • Gambling is disallowed but Raffle draws are a big draw
  • Dohadebates is a nice show on BBC and I've signed to be part of the audience.
  • Lulu Hypermarket is the place where all desis (incl me) go for a weekends.
  • In short life in Doha is ekdum Sosegad.

McDelivery Bike

McDelivery Bike, originally uploaded by TomMarkey.

Apna Bajaj Chetak is still the very reliable mean machine for Indian Roads !!

Immediate Effect : First time Apology!!

Thackeray condemns V-Day attacks by Sainiks

Finally someone decides to Fightback!!

Is this the effect of Rang De Basanti ?

I voted for BJP last election but will not do the mistake again, Anybody who hurts or harasses the public will never get my vote.
I Lived in Nalasopara for 8 years and I know that here (Vasai-Virar) area, Everyone is a Bhai or has some connection with the Bhai. The youth who had been trashed will surely do some fielding and fight back to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.

Shiv Sena is as confused like a baby in a strip joint... A party which organizes Michael Jackson Show is opposing Valentines day.

Also The BJP corporate mentioned here Vijeta Ashtana is a very shady character, he once fought with my Building junta and had to run away when our Society junta ( men & women brigade) fought him and his goons.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sidin's guide to the greatest Indian cricketers of all time especially that period between 4 and 6 pm last week

This guy is really funny check out the way he rapes India's greatest cricketers.

Garcia's Famous Pizza

So this is why all the Garcia's Famous Pizza posts were protected.

"Continuing our reader-driven series on must-sample restaurants and eating places across the country, Chandrashekhar Bhosle talks about fresh, vegetarian pizza at throwaway prices in Mumbai."

CNB got paid in kind 50 pizzas for this promo article on Garcia's Pizza :), next week he wourk be eating 50 plates of Sheekh Kabab and Roomali Rotis.

testing from mobile

I have configured the mail on my nokia 660o . . If it works its a cool thing :) . Do send me a test message if you see this on your screen . Thanks

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bar girl gets former lover beaten, abused

Read the highlight of the story...

“I first met Neetu at the Mansa bar in Thane in 2003. She wasn’t beautiful, but I was attracted to her,” he admits. The two started dating and the affair went smoothly for two years.

“She often asked me for money, which I gave her,” he says.
After the clampdown on dance bars last year, Mansa bar was closed in August. “By then, I learnt that Neetu was cheating on me. We broke up, but she still kept in touch and I would give her the money,” Manish says. He even gifted her several pieces of jewellery.

And Pyare Manish what else can you expect the Bar Girl to be Sati Savitri??

Manish followed the age old trick used in the Ladies Bar, throw money on the shady females in the Bar, Make other Dancers J and the female will do all the filmy dancing around you and your table... Sadly this plan Choppat hua and he got thrased and became poorer by a few thousands.

Moral of the Story : Love thy Booze not the one who serves it!!

Leg Spinner Kaneria banned for Life by PCB!!

Do you know why??

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Symbain CommWarrior Mobile Virus attack repelled successfully!!

I'm relieved.
I successfully managed to clear the F-Commwarrior virus from my Nokia 6600, This is a very potent virus which once infected spreads through GPRS, SMS & MMS continuously and hangs your mobile and forces you to reinstall your software.

I was at the Local Malabari Restaurant in Hilal with my Roommates and got a Blue Tooth Invitation for the F-Comm Warrior Game, I never accept files from unknown sources I dunno what made me accept the file. Once accepted it started the havoc and sent blue tooth & MMS messages left, right n centre, after realizing my GPRS log was increasing like a rickshaw meter and considering GPRS is costly in Qatar...I cancelled all settings for GPRS and MMS.

Next day thinking I may have to format my Mobile I asked our office Network guy Farokh who had also been a victim of the virus, He installed the Anti Virus Ironically of the same name F-CommWarrior and cleaned my phone.

Moral of the story : Never accept any blue tooth messages, its 99.99% a virus & never a lonely girl trying to contact you.

Anti Virus Solution

Govt plans to double FSI in city : Bole tho Bombay can grow vertically!!

This is really good news for the city starved of real estate, being an island city there is only one way the city can grow and that's vertical. Though the FSI of 4 is peanuts compared to the FSI of Dubai or NY who have FSI of 35-40, this is definitely a good beginning.
If I was the CM I would rebuild the entire Marine Drive with skyscrapers of 100 floors each and change office timings from 7 to 3pm to reduce crowd during peak hours.
DNA has the story here
The decision though taken 2 years after it was first recommended by then CM's Task force's report on its Vision 2013  "Transforming Mumbai into a World Class city"
FSI - The ratio of the total floor area of a building or buildings to the gross area of the lot on which the building or buildings are located. For example, a floor space index (FSI) of 2.0 would indicate that the total floor area of a building could be up to 2 times the gross area of the lot on which it is located.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Please bugg me!!

 Dr Harsh Pathak filed a PIL that resulted in the February 7, 2005 order, the petitioner had called spam calls "an invasion of privacy and a violation of the right to live a peaceful life (Article 21 of the Constitution)." Vivek Tankha, senior advocate who appeared on behalf of the petitioner, said "unsolicited calls for a loan, card or even a new connection impaired the fundamental rights of citizens."
He wanted a ban on the calls by the Tele marketers.
I think this is total double standard one one side you wanted to make India into a Global back office outsourcing and support centre and on the other hand you don't want these guys to do the same thing in India itself.
I agree it can be little annoying at times, but Banning is not the solution ... you have already banned Ladies bars and Concerts. The best solution would be to create a nation-wide list of  junta who are open to Tele-Agents calling them and a list of Snobs & Busy People, the companies can give prizes and gifts to those who sign up for it. 
There are Lakhs if not millions who are indirectly earning a dignified living doing this job.
Its not a easy job to convince somebody over the phone sitting thousands of miles away, the tele-agents who became an election issue in the USA definitely need support, If not the worlds' at least Indians can support them.
As for me I'm out of India now but I'm really missing the Tele-Marketing agent's bugging calls :))
List of things we rather have banned
  • Noisy Religious/Political Rallies
  • Dharna/ Morchas/Hartal/ Bandh
  • Communal riots
  • scratching/spitting/pissing/shitting/fcuking in public
  • Regionalism
  • Naxalites, Ranvir Sena & Maowadis
  • Pseudo Animal Right activists 
  • Feki Bowling in Cricket
  • Babugiri and Corruption

Sensex kisses 10,000 mark

Sensex  pierced through the magical 10,000 points level for the first time on aggressive buying by funds.
Like always I'm Bullish on India

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gem of a quote.

“Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely” - Edward Tufte hehe!!

You know you been ...

......out of home for long when
  1. You haven't had a fight with a rickshawala in a long time.
  2. Waiting for the elevator is damn annoying.
  3. You really miss your Dhobi & Kaamwaali Bai
  4. Good food means Mutton Curry & Khubbus
  5. You really miss fully faltoo Hindi TV programmes
  6. You don't get annoying phone calls from StanChart, ICICI & Orange marketing agents
  7. No one lectures you when get drunk or come home late (ok forget the drunk part, Doha is dry)
  8. Your armpits don't smell the way it used too...
  9. You can sleep without a fan hypnotizing you to zzz.
  10. When water is more expensive than Petrol
Its been over 15 days I haven't eaten any idlies, dosas or Vada Pav, I am missing it but kya karey duty hai.
I'm on a assignment and intend to give my best shot.

"Bhench*d sutta na mila" : Zeest sings!!

Jam one of my favorite mags, has this cool gyaan on the cult BC-MC Paki band. I used to work for JAM many years ago when in college and JAM continues to amaze me all the time.....
Zeest, a Pakistani band, which many of you have not even heard of has a song called "Sutta na mila." They say there's no smoke without fire. But the song is spreading like wildfire and is quite a rage in campuses esp. hostels all across India. If you haven't heard it, curse yourself and search for the song. If you have heard it, I bet you are still humming it. The song "Sutta na mila" is dedicated to all smokers and dopers. It speaks about the journey in a guy's life when his dad catches him smoking with his friends. And then, when he goes to college his girlfriend asks him to give up smoking. Frustrated he roams the streets before getting married, but there too he misses his cancer stick. Sutta means cigarette in tapori Hindi.

The USP of the song has to be its catchy "Bhench*d sutta na mila" chorus and the end part which has a liberal sprinkling of "Bhen***d Madar***d". Definitely worth listening to... again and again! Just don’t take it too seriously!

Download this song:

Doston mein baitha main sutta pee raha
Abba ne mujhe sutta peete dekh liya
Ghar jab pahuncha to danda ho gaya
BC sutta, sutta na mila.
BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.
BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.

College mein gaya mujhe pyar ho gaya,
Usne bhi mujhse mera sutta cheen liya
Sadkon pe ghooma main tanha reh gaya
BC sutta, sutta na mila.
BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.
BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.

Shaadi hui main husband ban gaya
Raat bhar thoka main thak ke gir gaya
Khushiyon ki khatir mera sutta chin gaya, BC sutta.

BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.
BC sutta, mujhe sutta na mila.
BC sutta, sutta na mila.