Thursday, February 23, 2006

India is really Double Dholki!!

Salman Khan kills a black buck he gets 1 year jail & 5k fine.... DP Yadav son & friends kill Jessica Lal in front for 600 people go scot-free.

Meena Iyer, a reporter on the Bollywood beat in Times reports about Manisha Koirala dogs name, she is arrested the next day for deliberately injuring religious sentiments., while Thackeray, Modi ,& Togadia & Co have been doing it for their entire lifetime have not been touched and have been given police security at taxpayers money.

DPS MMS video & Sanju Baba's audio conversations was shown 24/7 on all channels, while Amar Singh's audio tape is not been telecast anywhere by any radio, print or TV channel.

Its like Hum kare to balaatkar tum kare to Chamatkar!!

Wah re mere double standard media & system!!