Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy ONAM ! !! !!!

Happy ONAM ! !! !!!


Though I dunno much about the Festival, I am happy coz the food is good and its a happy occassion.

May my tribe and my freinds of my tribe rock!!

p.s You dont get money for touching Elders Feet, Thats on Vishu (April 14th-15th)

Random Shotz!!


Paichan Kaun

Table Mess

Humble Bed




Warli Bedsheet


Still Unsolved!!

Zaika on ToI Pune

Mitul knows that at least a few million people around the world, wake up early morning to read my blog and rely on me for the inside dope....
Hence He has bribed me to post about his Resto's Article in Pune Times today :)) 
p.s Bribery is bad karma,  if its food its ok :))

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Real Sad Pic -Vidharbha Farmers.

Baba Amte and his son Prakash have been doing wonderful work under thier Hemalkash prjoect for years. He is one of the guys I really admire for putting in his life for the cause.
This picuture reminded me of a lesson we had in school "Under the Yoke" in english... Where a poor farmers wife replaced the Ox due to poverty.
I wish the whole of India has collective farming panchayat and common Tractors and Harvestors for the Villages.
Jai Kisan.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Naya Rakhi Sawant ayela hai Mamu!!

Total Publicity seeker,  I wish she doesn't stop my Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny for graphic violence and obscenity.
P.s I find everything about Xavier's Shady.  JAVIER!!! JAIVIER!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I would like to retract my statement

About the songs are bakwas in KANK (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna)
I heard Mitwa and Where's da party tonite with a few pegs of Whiskey, They are cool songs and have an impact.
Galti se mistake Hoya...BoolChuk :))

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chill Maadi

M y Friend Gurudev from Mindtree  is making a tri-lingual movie  (Hindi-English-Kannada)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bombaylives Web 2.0

Generated Image

This is the dawn of a new begining...

Watch this space :))

Darwaza Bandh Rakho

A time-pass comedy movie from the RGV Factory made by Chekravarthy with all the usual Ram Gopal Varma Staff...
Full-too Time pass, nice to see Chunky Pandey and Manisha back .....
No songs, no Outdoor locations, no Switzerland no Madh Island, no dream Sequence, no wet dances, no infidelity, no thousand Dhaflis and huge Balls floating... Hilarious piece of kidnapping stuff in a Gujju stock broker's house.
Apunka Ratings : 3/5

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lonely stories from Bollywood

DNA has this story about the the unsung face of Bollwood The Black Marketer and Projectionist aka Bioscopewala
I remember in theatre in Borivli and Vasai, the projectionist used to rewind and play the songs on public demand and people used to dance in the theatre aisle and seats.... I remember the song very much " Ek do Teen .... and Dhak Dhak ...  Total Chaos, people throwing chiller at the screen every time Madhuri did a Jhatka or Dhak Dhak ...
Also not written are the women Black Marketers in Ajanta, Jaya and Diamond.. These are scary looking Banjara women who openly black, they keep their tickets and monies in their blouse.... Cops can't dare touch them... They give discounts to kids and are often helpful.
Tip buy the ticket just when the movie is about to start .. That's when bees ka chalees become bees ka tees!!

Kabhie Kabhie I wonder

My bloglines list is around 50 blogs that I read everyday or every other day from people I don't know and those know I know, One striking thing I've noticed that every blogger has something to hide or is hiding something or not sharing something.
I know maybe is coz of fear of something or embarrassment or plain "its my damn blog" kinda thing...
Rarely does anyone write about his/her brother/sister or parents girlfriends/boyfriends or bosses or clients or shit n chaos around him/her ....

Normally One starts a blog offline, to keep ones journals like a private diary then when slowly you have the world logging on to your blog, one kinda changes the look n feel and the blog entries... Then I guess it becomes as if you are blogging for the world, its no longer yours alone....

It kinda becomes like a Karan Johar Movie with all good things you share the good karma by commenting on some blogs you like and the wonderful circle of blogworld revolves around the world of good karma and you think this is cool... lets keep this going, write good things avoid any nasty postings ...

The world of I blog you comment.... you Blog I comment.

Or I guess its like the beautiful voice you hear on FM, you think its a sweet n funny girl who has a wild sense of humour, who loves doing phone pranks on helpless victims and you have the halo and picture of her pasted on you mind, but once you see her real picture in some magazine or TV lot of those characters you had in mind just vanish.....You think aha just a norma RJ

I think a good blog is just like that.......But there is definitely more to it than just the content and the blogger....

As for me personally I do avoid naming people who I kinda get pissed of with or find them shady or have something funny about to blog abt them ... coz I may end up drinking with them and becoming friends again...
And secondly in this world of Google search I cant be doing these kinda vendetta... I might as well use the old fashion way of ignore and avoid........

This weekend I saw Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna....

I kinda liked it but the ending is damn fuckall.... I really hate it when the directors leave the ending to the audience...
Ek tho we pay tru our nose for the tickets and upar se we have to make our own conclusions. Pure Cheating.

For those you have seen the movie Abhishek is the luckiest of all, he gets Saira Mohan :))

KANK 3.5/5 (Goood)

Songs are bakwas!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fan chases Abhishek for an umbrella

Fan chases Abhishek for an umbrella :

This doesn't get anymore filmier than this.....
Chattri tho sirf bahana hai, hummein tho aapko jagana hai :))

I remember when I was in 9th Std I found a box of Building Architecture plans in the train, I went all the way from Borivli to Dadar to return it, Thinking the guy would reward me.

He just said thanks but gave no reward.

The human mind is one fucked up entity on one hand we want to do the good karma but sub-consciously we wish for some profit motive.

After that whenever I have found anything I've asked people to come and collect it.

Things I found Samsung Mobile Phone (which belonged to a chatterbox marketing girl), BMC Id, Cricket Bat.

Things I've lost Bag with books and food, Purse ( credit/debit cards, railway pass, 500 bucks) ... I just got a call from the guy who found it, he never returned the stuff.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Teacher's Names....

I've joined my school's (St. Francis D'assisi High School)  group on Orkut, Just reading the posts about the teachers antics and code names we had for them is giving great internal laughter. They guys around me are wondering if I've gone pansy. 
Am missing my teachers they were so cool and funny  yet strict and caring at times. I was an average student and don't do too much masti as being a mallu most teachers knew my parents and I could be easily caught or even let off with less punishment :))
We had names for them often with love and based on their characteristics and behaviors.
Hear are a few great ones
Hillary & Bhusan
Joyamma (she was rumored to have a fake breast), we later realized she had cancer.
There is nuttin like school days and the One Rupee ka VadaPav and 25 p ka Pepsi cola :))

3 Stocks from ICICI

  • Dhampur Sugar
  • Alps Inds
    Icici has recommended 3 stocks that have fallen big time and are on the way up..
    Personally I like Guj Ind Power & Dhampur Sugar.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    For those who are ....

    ... wondering why am not posting so frequently on my blog...
    Well there are a few reasons, primarily I've deiced not to post about sad and depressing things around me.
    There are tons of not so cool things about this place harsh working conditions for Blue collared workers, Extreme temperature they have to work on,ill-treatment and non payment of their salaries etc etc 
    80% of the population dreaming and longing to be home but can't do it coz of no other alternative, The freedom and right to do and drink anywhere in our country.
    One thing I really like is that during the day someone is a Sales manager or Executive or technician or Foreman or Driver or even CEO but in the evening at the common office accommodation everyone turns into Ramu... Cooking, chopping, washing, cleaning without any qualms or second thought.
    Everyone here has the same plan "work,slog, save for 2-3 years.... go back to India, do some business or invest and relax"
    Guys who have been in the gulf for long say that "Once one has worked here his body will not be able to adapt to Indian conditions and will try to get back here"
    As for me,  I'm confused at the moment and am longing to be in Bombay.

    Amitabh Iyer on his favorite stock Hinduja TMT

    I think Amitabh is right on.


    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Myzus finalist on Red Herring 100 Asia for 2006

    200 finalist logo

    The Red Herring 100 award highlights those companies who have shaped the future of technology innovation and transformed markets. Nominees were evaluated on financials, management, and overall strategic integration into the marketplace.

    Watch out for Myzus...
    ...May the force be with us :))

    Check out the other finalist

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    RAKHI - Coming Soon

    No its not the booby Rakhi but the Rakhi, Rakshabandhan I'm talking about.
    I remember in College all guys used to be absent or drinking away in hiding fearing the assault of the greatest kind.
    Men need to play very safe.
    And remember aapki thodi si laparwahi apko BHAI bana sakti hai!!