Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fan chases Abhishek for an umbrella

Fan chases Abhishek for an umbrella :

This doesn't get anymore filmier than this.....
Chattri tho sirf bahana hai, hummein tho aapko jagana hai :))

I remember when I was in 9th Std I found a box of Building Architecture plans in the train, I went all the way from Borivli to Dadar to return it, Thinking the guy would reward me.

He just said thanks but gave no reward.

The human mind is one fucked up entity on one hand we want to do the good karma but sub-consciously we wish for some profit motive.

After that whenever I have found anything I've asked people to come and collect it.

Things I found Samsung Mobile Phone (which belonged to a chatterbox marketing girl), BMC Id, Cricket Bat.

Things I've lost Bag with books and food, Purse ( credit/debit cards, railway pass, 500 bucks) ... I just got a call from the guy who found it, he never returned the stuff.