Sunday, April 30, 2006

I hate piracy!!

I decided to fight piracy and bought a DVD of latest 3 hindi movies & 28 Films MP3 for 130 bucks or 10 Riyals or 2.5 USD!!!

I remember this line from Dayawan where Alok Nath says "Koi bhi kaam jisse char aadmi ka bhala hota woh bura nahi hota"


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dumb Mistress of Spices!!!


I should learn to say 'no' if I sincerely believe if something is crap... Even after knowing reading and hearing its maha piece of crap I went for this piece of shit with my friends.
I promise myself I will watch movies that I believe in and give me full to value for money and time pass.

Please if you are reading this blog, my humble warning don't watch this maha shady absolutely torturing movie.

Don't get conned by words Mistress, spices and Ash's navel its all a con job.

I am not surprised by the deeds of Salman & Vivek.

Am looking forward to see Gangster, IceAge 2, Darna Zaroori hai & Syriana.

Ratings 0/5!!!

There is one Ash hot scene which is censored you can search on the net and download.

updated post:
Here is the clip

Friday, April 28, 2006

Yesterday's Lafda Day

Maharashtrians & North Indian mobs clashed Vakola.
Moslems & Shiv Sainiks riot in Bhiwandi.
Villagers in Vashi burn Car & stone vehicles after woman was killed on Bombay Poona Highway.

In short crazy mobs had a field day, Is this the beginning of something major now that the elections aren't that far away.

Cops should watch out for areas like Golibar, Pathanwadi, Vikhroli Park Site, Bail Bazaar, Nagpada, Dindoshi, Malwani, Behrampada, Kherwadi, Saki Naka, Dongri and ask people to chill and live peacefully with neighbours.

Finally Taxi fares may be cut...

Mid-Day's article
Taxi fares may be cut

After 6 years of milking the public the government decides it high time, what better timing could they have asked for when crude is at 76 $ per barrel and CNG around 22 Bucks.
The Taxis in Bombay is the most ridiculously designed vehicle in he world.. I think some 4 year old with crayons was signed up by Premier Padmini aka Fiat to come up with a strong Dabba Gadi.

I think 10.5 bucks is a fair price for the trouble and torture one has to endeavour while commuting in a Cab.

But there are no Cabbies like Bombay Cabbies they are coolest and most well informed ones about the dope, ladies bar, night food stops and other shady jazz.

There used to be a time when Sardarji Taxi drivers used to be the most trusted and safest ones, not any more. Now infamous for their jumping meters and scary behavior they are usually avoided by many, most of them are from Sion Koliwada and are found near Dadar Station. It's advisable to take a Taxi a little away from the station.

Some Trivia:
The taxi union leader Quadros has a Walrus type Muchi.
There is one crying taxiwala who gives you some senti story about his sick mother and you end up paying him on hearing his plight often seen in Churchgate-VT-Cuffe Parade area.
Taxis are also called Khalipeeli.
Most of the Taxi Drivers pay a rent of 200 bucks for 12 hours to the Seth and some even live in the Cabs.
The Blue Tube light Taxi's are most likely used to ferry Ladies Bar Dancers and also act like agents for Lodges and ChamCham bars.
Most of the Cabbies are from Jaunpur in UP.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cool thing today..

Actually 2 cool things happened today :
1. My blog was featured in Blogger's Park section of Mumbai Mirror (Page 31)
 2. I met Rahul Dravid today at the Taj Land's end and shook hands with him, real down to earth guy :))

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pramod Mahajan & Raju,Jeetu, Munna, Sajid.

What if Pramod Mahajan was a common man like Raju or Jeetu or Munna or Sajid.
He would be lying on the floor pleading to people to take him to hospital. His wife would have called many ambulances which would never come and she would have to take him in a taxi or rickshaw to  the nearest Hinduja hospital which would turn her away saying this is police case they cant admit him and turn away, same scene repeated in Jaslok, Nanavati, Breach Candy.. She is told to got to JJ, Bhagwati in Borivali or Rajwadi in Ghatkopar.. after police does the paperwork n panchnama and interrogation she can admit him in the hospital.... She would have to bribe the ward boy to get a stretcher and rush to the Casualty Ward, where doctors will scrutinize the paperwork for fear of trouble from the doctors themselves and then began treatment and give his wife a list of medicines, oxygen's, blood needed and she has to arrange from the Medical stores and illegal blood bank or call her relatives to donate blood in exchange for his blood....
This all process takes at least 2 hours before operation is conducted. The operation is normally conducted by Medico students who can call strike any moment in protest against the abysmal working conditions or North Indian vs Maharashtrains issue.
In 2 hours you can take a guess what condition a person who has 3 bullets lodged in liver would be in.  
The government hospitals are living hell hole which every Indian unless he is a politician is forced into incase any accidents or tragedy, these stupid rules need to be changed. We need to save lives and leave the paperwork and interrogation later.
I cant stand this absolutle double standards to people of my country specially when the so called servants of the people seems to have better facilities and rules and regulations turn a blind eye when they need it.
My cribs apart I wish Mr. Mahajan speedy recovery, we need more leaders like him and hope that he does more to the accidents victims once is back in action. 
And if the news is true that Pramod Mahajan refused to use his connections to help his bro Pravin in his construction business, he has done a great thing and will surely get my vote.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Agenda for the weekend - ShantaRam!!

Shantaram : A Novel
After a zillion gaalis from the Number 1 Shantaram fan CNB for not reading the book and another million rave reviews from Dhruti (Shantaram Bhakt), who was kind enough to gift me the book... I will start reading it today wid some vodka.

Though I know the gist of the story but nuttin like reading the whole book.
Amazon review :
At the start of this massive, thrillingly undomesticated potboiler, a young Australian man bearing a false New Zealand passport that gives his name as "Lindsay" flies to Bombay some time in the early '80s. On his first day there, Lindsay meets the two people who will largely influence his fate in the city. One is a young tour guide, Prabaker, whose gifts include a large smile and an unstoppably joyful heart. Through Prabaker, Lindsay learns Marathi (a language not often spoken by gora, or foreigners), gets to know village India and settles, for a time, in a vast shantytown, operating an illicit free clinic. The second person he meets is Karla, a beautiful Swiss-American woman with sea-green eyes and a circle of expatriate friends. Lin's love for Karla—and her mysterious inability to love in return—gives the book its central tension. "Linbaba's" life in the slum abruptly ends when he is arrested without charge and thrown into the hell of Arthur Road Prison. Upon his release, he moves from the slum and begins laundering money and forging passports for one of the heads of the Bombay mafia, guru/sage Abdel Khader Khan. Eventually, he follows Khader as an improbable guerrilla in the war against the Russians in Afghanistan. There he learns about Karla's connection to Khader and discovers who set him up for arrest. Roberts, who wrote the first drafts of the novel in prison, has poured everything he knows into this book and it shows. It has a heartfelt, cinemascope feel. If there are occasional passages that would make the very angels of purple prose weep, there are also images, plots, characters, philosophical dialogues and mysteries that more than compensate for the novel's flaws. A sensational read, it might well reproduce its bestselling success in Australia here.
Pic: cogged from Amazon

How to fight the Malls, Bania style!!

Facing tough competition from the onslaught of Big Malls & Hypermarkets the local grocery store Banias have found a new method to beat them in their own game.
Malls sell goods below MRP and often with gifts and other goodies, The local bania shops in bulk from the Malls, gets heavy discount and other gifts and then resells it to the customers at MRP with/without the goodies... making a cool profit!!

I'm sure everyone one of us have been conned by the Bania in some way or the other when we were kids and our mother's have come to the shop to argue with him, we have flicked stuff from the bania, sold him raddi in exchange for Pepsi (the popsicle), taken stuff on credit and not repayed, sampled chana-singh from the dabbas everytime we are at his shop, rode his Atlas Bhaiyaa cycle, seen bandicoots in his shop.... Still we love going back to him

In the war between the Malls and Local Banias the king customers is surely save some moolah!!

The Banias gives you credit while the Malls allow credit card.

pic courtesy champion blogger Akshay

Thursday, April 20, 2006

After Reverse Brain Drain its reverse Body Drain

All local talents from Bombay are following the foot- steps of IITians and are returning back to India to serve the country.
You dont believe me... read this
DNA - Mumbai - Bar girls in the Gulf are homesick

I had read in Outlook that even Dawood is bored in Karachi, he longs to be back in Bombay...
The is some strong magnet about this city that no one has been able to figure out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in Bombay!!

If Doha burns you Bombay boils you ... nice to be back and sweating!!!

Just landed 3 hours ago... just treating myself to a hot cup of Chai and loud filmy music, letting my neighbours know im back!!... I know they must have missed the chaos!!!

Bombay Rocks!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Action in Bangalore!!

  • 4 crazy fans killed in Police firing
  • 1 cop doing his duty is lynched. 
  • over 100 vehicles burnt
  • 1000 hurt in lathi charge
  • No Cable TV
  • Media Vans & Press attacked
  • State govt changes the funeral venue to adding chaos.
This is all because Kannada Superstar Rajkumar died a natural death, I wonder what would have happened if Veerappan had done anything to him.
Still Karnataka is peaceful state compared to Maharashtra & Bengal.
God forbid if Thackeray or Jyoti Basu dies tomorrow, Each state will try to outdo each other in showing their love for the beloved leader.
We saw a trailer when Anand Dighe died in Thane when hospital patients ran for their lives when it was burnt down by morons.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bombay HC lifts dance bar ban

The Bombay high court on Wednesday lifted the Maharashtra government's ban on dance bars.

This means dance bars with valid licenses can soon resume operations.

Who says Kanoon is Andha!!

I think Night life for millions will be back in Bombay!!!

and Congress will BMC elections next year!!

For those who dunno what Ladies Bars are check out

Godfather of godfathers caught after 40 years News - International - Godfather of godfathers caught after 40 years

That means guys like Dawood, Rajan, Shakeel will be caught sometimeafter 20 years...

I wonder why Provenzano continued to live in Coreleone,Sicily.. should have gone to Dubai or Bankok and operated remotely like our Desi Bhais.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Webaroo Launched!!

I was searching for a tool like this for a few months, I don't have net
at home and get really bored ... This seems to be of help.
Webaroo, Rakesh Mathur's latest venture has a new service that one can
surf the net in offline mode. What it does is it creates local packets
of relevant content for easy surfing and access later.

The new search engine takes the most relevant parts of the web and makes
it downloadable in bite-sized chunks. You can get Pocket-lint one level
down for a minuscule 4MB for example.

I guess service would be a definite hit with Bloggers n Pondy site
visitors.... People will download the stuff in office and read it at
home or while commutingg.

My friend Fuzzy works there, shall get more dope from him later.
Download it from

Trivia : Rakesh Mathur claim to fame cross dressing and selling to Amazon to 400 million Dollar!!. He is total
studdgiri,someone I admire.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Santa banta IPO

I'm serious, check out 



I'm sure,, are next in line :)) 



Monday, April 03, 2006

Mission critical washing pending !

Sunday, April 02, 2006


2 Filter Coffees, 1 Plate Idlies, One Mysore Masala, One Uthappa with 3 different chutneys n sambhar.
This is what I ate last evening at Bonanza, A really cool Tam Restaurant... hazzar times better than an Malabari or Udipi hotel. Ek dum Matunga jaisa :))
Funny thing is noone knows what the area is called in Doha, I dunno how I will reach there next times as the Taxi driver unless he is a Mallu won't be able to get there...
 Jo baat Idli Dosa mein woh Khubus Shwarma mein kidar hai!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life in the Gulf (Good one)

                                                                         Life in the Gulf
In a poor zoo in India , a lion was very frustrated as it was offered not more than 1 kg of meat a day. The lion thought its prayers were answered when one of the managers at Dubai Zoo visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to send the lion to Dubai Zoo.

The lion was very happy and started thinking of a centrally A/C environment, a goat or two every day and a Dubai Residence Permit also. On the first day of its arrival at the zoo the lion was offered a big, very nicely sealed bag for breakfast.   

The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that it contained peanuts. The lion thought that may be they cared too much for him as they were worried about his stomach as he had recently been shipped in from India.  
The next day the same thing happened.  

On the third day again the same food bag of peanuts was delivered.  
The lion was very furious; it stopped the delivery boy and blasted him.   
"Don't you know I am a lion... the king of the Jungle...,   
what's wrong with your management?  
What nonsense is this? 
Why are you delivering peanuts to me?"  
The delivery boy politely said,    

"Sir, I know you are the king of the jungle but ...err... didn't you know that you have been brought here on a   "monkey's visa."?  

Joke Courtesy my friend Libu Verghese (He  lived most of his life in Gelf now is in NJ)