Friday, April 28, 2006

Finally Taxi fares may be cut...

Mid-Day's article
Taxi fares may be cut

After 6 years of milking the public the government decides it high time, what better timing could they have asked for when crude is at 76 $ per barrel and CNG around 22 Bucks.
The Taxis in Bombay is the most ridiculously designed vehicle in he world.. I think some 4 year old with crayons was signed up by Premier Padmini aka Fiat to come up with a strong Dabba Gadi.

I think 10.5 bucks is a fair price for the trouble and torture one has to endeavour while commuting in a Cab.

But there are no Cabbies like Bombay Cabbies they are coolest and most well informed ones about the dope, ladies bar, night food stops and other shady jazz.

There used to be a time when Sardarji Taxi drivers used to be the most trusted and safest ones, not any more. Now infamous for their jumping meters and scary behavior they are usually avoided by many, most of them are from Sion Koliwada and are found near Dadar Station. It's advisable to take a Taxi a little away from the station.

Some Trivia:
The taxi union leader Quadros has a Walrus type Muchi.
There is one crying taxiwala who gives you some senti story about his sick mother and you end up paying him on hearing his plight often seen in Churchgate-VT-Cuffe Parade area.
Taxis are also called Khalipeeli.
Most of the Taxi Drivers pay a rent of 200 bucks for 12 hours to the Seth and some even live in the Cabs.
The Blue Tube light Taxi's are most likely used to ferry Ladies Bar Dancers and also act like agents for Lodges and ChamCham bars.
Most of the Cabbies are from Jaunpur in UP.