Monday, October 31, 2005

Cricket Fever!!

Cricket Fever!!
Originally uploaded by mzsatish.
The future Sachin's and Sehwag's of India battling it out in style :))

Stuff we guys used as Stumps :-

1. Postman Oil Dabba

2. Coconut Branch ( Leaf Centre)

3. Stones & Bricks

4. Truck Tyre

5. Wall drawn Stumps

6. Sticks

7. Old Falli (Plywood)

8. 2 Palm oil Dabbas on top of each other.

9. 10 Slippers

10. Human Stump.( mo2 ko lagega tho out)

pic courtesy email fwd.

Only in Bombay does a Dumper crap on a busy flyover

Some months ago on the Phoenix Mill Flyover

Concrete and cement mess created by a moron Dumper, they cleaned it


Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Stock Watch- list for 2006

Since everybody is coming up with this stocks to watch out for in 2006, I've also decide to get my list online (inspired by Business Today).
The Sensex and Nifty are crazy and unpredictable, but there are some stocks which show great promise... Here are a few of them :- 
Company Current Price
Pricol 48
Rico Auto 85
Matrix Labs 171
Rajesh Exports 135
JSW 175
Mascon Global 12.7
Canfin Home 46.5
Saint Gobain 36.5
Selan Oil Exp 46
yada yada disclaimer :- The information and statistical data herein have been obtained from sources I believe to be reliable but in no way are warranted by me as to accuracy or completeness.
I do not undertake to advise you as to any change of my views and I may hold securities which are recommended here.
This is not a solicitation or any offer to buy or sell.
All information and advice is given in good faith but without any warranty.
Also I got a mail from Eggy in UAE about making money in Matka.
Does anyone know or have info about these games  Shalimar ( Open comes at 1.30 and close at 3.30 ) and Moti comes at 7.30pm - Open and close at 10.30pm??
Matka wots dat ..well read my earlier post on matka

Stupidest reasons to buy stocks

A hilarious e-mail making the rounds these days tells the story very concisely and warns investors about the pitfalls of the stock market.

The e-mail says:

If you've ever bought a stock for any of the reasons mentioned below, you know it is time to hit the books.

  • 1. It will double in 2 years. (Sensex at 6500).
  • 2. It will double in 1 year. (Sensex at 7000).
  • 3. It will double in 6 months. (Sensex at 7500).
  • 4. It will double in 3 months. (Sensex at 8000).
  • 5. It will double in 1 month. (Sensex at 8500).
  • 6. Company is doing a private placement/FCCB.
  • 7. Company is going to give a bonus issue.
  • 8. Company is going for a stock split.
  • 9. Debt restructuring package.
  • 10. Low PE. (What does it mean, isn't it because the company has no earnings?).
  • 11. Looks good on the chart.
  • 12. Company has got a big order.
  • 13. They are planning an expansion.
  • 14. Company has won some order from China.
  • 15. Wal-Mart is outsourcing.
  • 16. Market will go to 15,000.
  • 17. Rakesh Jhunjunwalla (a leading Indian stock broker) is buying.
  • 18. Warren Buffett is buying.
  • 19. Reliance Capital is buying.
  • 20. A big operator is buying.
  • 21. Fidelity is buying.
  • 22. Japanese are buying.
  • 23. Some fund is buying.
  • 24. The research analyst said it's undervalued. (Analyst know nothing. Period.)
  • 25. They have lots of property.
  • 26. Company is going for a buyback.
  • 27. RSI is low.
  • 28. Good story.
  • 29. It's a long-term secular bull market.
  • 30. My broker says it's a good buy.

Even more stupid reasons to justify 'your' stock picks (when they're falling).

  • 1. My research analyst has also bought it. (. . . the analyst know nothing.)
  • 2. I am not a market timer. (Obviously.)
  • 3. I am a value picker these market fluctuations mean nothing to me.
  • 4. My cost of acquisition is very low.
  • 5. I like the business model.
  • 6. It's got good support at these levels.
  • 7. I think market has bottomed out.
  • 8. The stock looks oversold.
  • 9. RSI is still very low.
  • 10. This is just a correction.
  • 11. Some big fund bought at a higher price. It will definitely go back up. (The big fund that bought thinks the same).
  • 12. It's a long-term secular bull market.
  • 13. A lot of money is waiting on the sidelines. (Yes and it's waiting to buy all the stocks you own.).
  • 14. I am an investor I buy and hold.
  • 15. It's a good company.

So next time you decide to get into the stock market, do remember these points.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I support Priya Dutt!!

I've great respect for the Dutt Family, If I get lagao a proxy vote I will surely vote for her.
why check this out....

I also met Sunil dutt once during a book launch at Oxford Bookstore, the man was a damn cool and humble guy

SBI and Airtel launched Mobile Cheque Payments at IITB

SBI and Airtel launched Mobile Cheque Payments at a small function at KReSIT IIT Bombay yesterday. The technology is provided by

We were there for the high point in a grad student's life - free food as immortalised in the
PhD comic strips :). However, there we met an old department colleague who now works in ALittleWorld. She gave us a demo of what the whole thing was about and explained the technology behind it all.

The Transaction: A customer eats food at a restaurant or shops for grocery. The following replaces the need for cash or a credit/debit card. The merchant sends a money request through a special mChq menu in his cell phone detailing the amount, customer's cell number, and merchant's PIN. The customer gets a message via his own special mChq menu which he approves. A confirmation message is sent to the merchant and the transaction is through. All this happens at the speed of text messaging. The customer's cell number can be protected by a 15-digit proxy in case she cares about not giving out her cell number.

The Technology: The merchant and customer need augmented SIM-cards. The merchant needs a cryptographic SIM-card which houses his digital certificate for
non-repudiation purposes. The customer needs a variation of the normal SIM-card which has the mChq menu and facility for loading in money via his SBI account.

What this means for us: For now, Airtel is offering this SIM change at no extra cost, maintaining the existing number for both the merchant and the customer. In any case the SIM change is about 40 Rs. for the customer and 150 Rs. for a crypto-SIM for the merchant. Airtel has exclusive license on this in Mumbai for now. In December, the exclusivity ends and at least Orange and MTNL are jumping on to the band wagon. I am surprised there hasn't been too much publicity. Apparently this is already running in Delhi. So, if two friends install crypto-SIMs on their cell phones, they can actually dial each other and ask for a mobile loan ;).

Loading money from your SBI account onto your phone may sound tedious right now. However, once fully implemented and other players join the fray, the customer mChq menu will have (is already implemented) a choice of where to pay the merchant request from. There is a choice of bank accounts, credit cards. Money can be loaded online.

The technology involved is very similar to the Smart Card system pilot-tested about 6 years ago at IIT Bombay. Recommendations were made to RBI, IDRBT joined in, and e-commerce at small scales like smart cards and mChq like thingies has become a national standard.

I like all this. Things are being facilitated. Whether people will accept all this is besides the point. There are obvious issues here like:
1) "Do I need all this? My cell phone will become unnecessarily important now." True, but that didn't stop technology in the past. And all this seems fairly secure which is of paramount importance once money is involved.
2) "Who will adopt all this? Isn't cash/credit-card easier?" Maybe. I don't have an opinion on the matter. You will be surprised at how many shopkeepers in Powai have already accepted this. Powai shopkeepers are super progressive: first smart cards and now this, all before nearly anyone else in the country :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eventful day at NASSCOM Conference

Also met Srini from Intel Capital Strategic, who had some great advice for developers and Companies like MyZus at the Nasscom Mobile Applications Conference today.
They have a studd portfolio of investments ( ), some real cool companies and some in similar spaces as MyZus.
Their investments reaped jackpots in Jamdat,Sasken and Subex .... ( Anti-portfolio trivia - In 2003 I had bought Subex at 62 and sold it around 90, it went up 400).
I also heard Surya from Jamdat say that they paid 130 million dollars for rights of Tetris only to come to India and find 4 companies already selling unlicensed Tetris and the legal IPR battle continues, Jamdat has a market cap of 440 Million USD
The sad part of the conference was that there was hardly any attendance from the Telecom Companies, for whom I guess the numero Uno priority is to get subscribers, VAS and other Apps can wait..
Also Yaten (Rashmi Bansal's husband) told me that her blog was getting over 3k hits per day much more than JAM's own site after the great IIPM saga on blogworld....
Coming Soon - My list of top 20 Indian tech companies.

Why Warburg Pincus prefers PIPEs

Knowledge@Wharton has an interesting article explaining why Warburg Pincus is bullish on India. After the usual tale and numbers about the firm's investment and hugely profitable partial exit from Bharti Televentures, the article goes on to talk about how and why Warburg prefers to stick to investing in already listed companies - aka PIPE (Private Investment in Public Enterprises) deals.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Swanky new BEST buses!!

Awesome na, I meant the New BEST Buses :))

New interiors.

Now that the buses have improved I hope the conductors improve their behavior and stop acting like chodu-airheads!!

As for me personally I hate the sign on bus seats 'Fukt Striyansathi', you can't have reservations and fight for equal rights.. can you??
peace :)

small pics courtesy
wildpixie ,tnxz
tiny pics are coz she has disabled save pic as :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Biker fights for Infy Murthy!!

Its Infy Murthy v/s Sleepy Gowda over B'lore airport ...

The story so far....
Infosys Chief Narayana Murthy resigned as chairman of the Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) after former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda's accusation that he had contributed nothing to the airport project....

Mr.Gowda juss chill :))

Green revolution - Dvithiyaaa??

This is one Gold rush if it clicks India and the environment can surely be proud of.

check out Rediff's story What's with Mukesh Ambani & fruits?

Commodity trading and Fruit Cultivations surely means good times to the great Indian farmer, someone who hasn't got his due in a long time.
BTW Manali and Iddukki have good grass plantations :))

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Onion strikes back - Only in India

Deja Vu ......Its that time of the year when Ruling State and Central Governments are shitting bricks, crying and praying due to the spiraling onion prices.... Voters are known to be real cruel while voting after Onion crises, popular governments are known to crumble...

All TV channels are giving regular updates on Onion prices all around the nation...
Zee TV had live reporting from 6 correspondents all over India.
NDTV had a ticker running all day as if its was some NASDAQ/DOW Blue Chip Stock giving Bonus.
Star News had sob stories of people who couldn't afford the Pyaaz....
DD shoed an old clip of the Onion laden trucks from Lalsagaon and NAsik Market

As for me I did miss it too, My Local Kebabwala Ustad wasn't serving any fine sliced onions wid the green chutney and pudina, reasons cited 25 Rupiya hai boss.. kaisa parvadega ...

Why don't we have Onion Futures on MCX??, every family should have a fixed investment in Onions, lets have a Onion Bond available in all banks, something like the Gold Bonds 99.99% pure sold by ICICI bank :))

Onion Prices across the nation
Bombay Rs 25
Delhi Rs 30 .
Hyderabad Rs 14-16.
Chennai Rs 18.5.
Bangalore between Rs 20 and Rs 24
Jammu Rs 20-25 rupees
Bhubaneswar Rs 20.
Ranchi Rs 20-24

I find it silly blogging about this but this is the hottest topic right now, not Ipod Nano or Hritik's fall in Singapore..

Here cometh easy Space Travel.

my friend roshan has sent this amazing link on the space elevator

I wish we had something like this which moved horizontally from Churchgate to Borivali :))

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm doing this just in case there are any Mallus or Surds outta there in the Milkyway or Andromeda Galaxy or any ALienz..

This is the cinfirmation mails and how to react strategy :))

Dear Humanoid:

Is the third time the charm? We believe it is!

The Blog in Space team is confirming that blog transmission is underway for the third time. This time from the Golden State, California! This certificate confirms that your blog has been catapulted at 11:40am PT and hurled into space at North Latitude of 34.6 degrees and West Longitude of 20.45 degrees traveling at a direction of Azimuth 137.6 degrees at an elevation of 50 degrees on a 5845 MHz frequency.

The Blog in Space team has received a number of inquiries this month on generally practiced contact protocol. While Blog in Space offers no "official" rules per say, we endorse the following steps.

If they ask to be taken to your leader, contact the White House immediately. If you can't get through to the President, ask for the Vice President and follow the line of succession from there.
Practice Active listening. Taking an interest in what the extraterrestrials are saying builds trust and provides foundation for future contact.
Strike a common bond. For instance, you might ask if he/she/it has an active interest in stamp collecting or wiffle ball.
Don't come on too strong. Nothing is more unattractive to alien life forms than a needy Earthling.
It's okay not to comment. While the Blog In Space team is pro-alien (and always will be), it would be ignorant to assume there aren't a few bad apples in the universe. If you are questioned about Earth's solar defenses or nuclear technology, we recommend you change the subject.

Until your next transmission, be sure to submit your blog for our "Most Likely to be Contacted." Don't forget to refer your friends - for when the day our little green friends land upon our fertile soil comes, Blog In Space will present them with a list of their most passionate advocates.

When Telling the World Simply Isn't Enough.

-The BlogInSpace Team

On a personal note I do believe in Alien Life, became a member of Rael too and duly support the SETI Project :))

Updates from Mummy TV

I don't watch TV regularly, but my mom gives me a synopsis If im watching any programme on TV.
Sharing it would guys so that you can also save the trouble and torture of watching all the episodes...
FAME Gurukul : Kazi and Ruprekha are the winners, Rex is a nice singer but India needs a gora dancer and who can fall n do sidey things...
Nach Bailye : Each couple has got 15 lakhs to dance with each other, Archana Puran Singh and Pammi is good but my Mom likes Sachin and Supriya, and wants to vote for them
Jaasi Jaasi.... : Bhatta from my office is in a situation like how Jassi was in her earlier Avatar... I wonder what that meant, but I also remember she telling me Bhatta was like Nandu.. now I'm confused...
Sauce bhi KAbi ... : Tulsi Tulsi.... she is gr8, she gives me da dirty looks when I talk ill abt the characters.. ( I personally find her damn shady and BJP paid publicCITY)
Yatra : Deepti Bhatnagar every Sunday morning wearing traditional sarees takes a tour on all pilgrimage centre  all around India and Nepal, is truly divine ( I wonder what will be hr reaction if she sees her sleazy waterfall pics circulation on the net)
And yes we have a common vote Navin Prabahkar ( Paichan Kaun Fame) and Sunil Pal form Gr8 Indian Comedy Show :))
I have a Pixel TV Tuner Card, which I intend to fix on my Compy so the war on the Idiot Box is avoided :))

Random thoughts

I cant fathom the level of pettiness some people can fall too... I wonder what drives them ??
Do you have any answers??

Thursday, October 20, 2005

BMC and WIAA madness, Risking Narain

I dunno why WIAA has given the contract of laying the road to the chodus in BMC, roads in Bombay where one cant even move faster than 40 kmph.... BMC renowned in the world for road digging is builging a F1 level track.... its like asking our Mistry's and Kamathi Mukadam's to build the Burj al Arab.
These idiots in the name of promotion are risking the life of the only hero we have in F1... please for heavens sake, have some Go-Karting Race or some marathon...
WIAA is a smart organisation I wonder who gave them this mad idea..
read more on the c$@#$@giri at

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dada supporters anyone?


I don't like Dada that much, but I don't hate him either... he is an awesome n aggressive player when he gets going.... I hope nagma and Dona  gives him some happiness and zeal to rock.
If you disagree wid me, check out the below link

Joining The Club ?

Presenting the I Hate Ganguly Fan Club !

via jive

Info Overdose??

Imported 326 Subscriptions from Rajesh Jains Feed's onto my Bloglines :))

After struggling for a while I managed to crack how to do it, Save the feed in Opml format and then import the list :))

I think I will be under sever info overdose, need to get a hang of it if I intend to in the league of great bloggers and entrepreneurs like Rajesh and Om.

what are you favorite blogs?? do send me your comments.... and yes pls mention Bombaylives too :)) 



Monday, October 17, 2005

Jai Blogger!!

Aata T'shirt looks jam powerful!!

There are 2 people whom I think can solve this Blogger v/s IIPM war, one lives in Matoshree and other lives in Baramati... yes its Bal Thackeray and Sharad Pawar...

If this becomes an election issue and if it blogrolls into a Bombay v/s Delhi thingy this T'shirt surely would be worn by all those who stand for truth and fearlessness...

Blogger Shakti + Lok Shakti = Desh Bhakti :)

Jai Hind.
Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Blogger.

To stop train pay touts!

This can happen only in Bombay where Money Talks and Bullshit Walks!!!

There is another scam which you might be aware of ... All North and East going trains have their lights off beofre the trains departs , goons and seat grabbers sell the seats from 50 bucks onwards and bash up people randomly.... upto 6 people sit in a row meant for 3, They are well supported and protected by the Cops ....
I was traveling in Howrah express from VT to Raipur but since I spoke in Marathi I was given a discount of 10 bucks by the Gonnda Seat Grabber... 40 bucks for a seat till Raipur, sleep on the seat..journey of 30 hours ... no room to pee or brush.. jam packed wid people on every possible place.. People taking turns to pee from the windows after warning the guys in next window...
Absolutely sad stuff...
I hope Dhakkan Airways and Jhat Airways reduce their prices to 1000 bucks without any contests or stupid raffle draws....
REad DNA's has this nice piece of investigative reporting

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Digi-Cam quest

I went to JJ Mehta Photography Store ( at Dadar to buy a digicam, some thing which I've been trying to buy for a long time.... They dint have any sasta Nikon Models... My budget was 7-8k max... So I check out the Sony S40 Cybershot costing 8k ... If I spend 2k more I would get the chargers and 256 memory stick, I was ok with that pricing too... but the guy wanted 4% extra for using credit card.... I was like WTF, DinDahadey loot..... he asked if I had ICICI wire transfer and I could deposit it to save the 4%, What a moron .. If I had the funds I wouldn't be using... even if I had I would have still preferred my ICICI credit card.....
So here's is my roadmap....
1. Check out comparative pricing of 7-8k range Nikon,Sony Digi-cam on Froogle.
2. visit Alfa at Irla (The best place for imported goods in Bombay)
3. Contact someone who is coming to India from the Gulf.
I also had vadas and Samosa at SriKrishna next to the shop... the Vadas was nothing great, I guess once a shop becomes popular they compromise big time of taste and quality....
Its like Bhel Puri's on Juhu beach.... sabse bakwas, local Bhaiyaa rocks any day.....

I support

T-shirt in support of Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal.... This is not abt Bloggers v/c IIPM, Its about basic freedom of speech, something which our founding fathers gave us in our constitution... Take a stand or wear one :))

Idea : Take a Banian and scribble this wid Camlin Fabric paint and wear it everywhere :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Snakemania on Dassera.

Snake caught in Bhatta's sisters bldg in Ambernath, a suburb in Bombay.. the snaked turned out to be non poisonous and later set free in the jungle...

I remember throwing stones at a Cobra many years ago, My friend Pritam's mom scared me big-time that if its dead then its mate will trace me and poison me, where ever I was... I dint believe in the bullshit but still was scared...
After watching Nagin it gave me eerie feelings...

I think snakes are cool and should be seen only from distance for the thrill and excitement :))

Hero's in Ambarnath catching the snake

Heros' showing off thier catch

Slimy Snake all coiled up in the Bisleri bottle

Final moments in the Bottle, Slimy Snakey was then left in the jungle

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rashmi Bansal v/s IIPM (OR Bloggers v/s IIPM)

via CNB
Gaurav Sabnis Resigns
JAM recently printed an article to verify some of the tall claims made by MBA institute IIPM in its advertisements. Gaurav Sabnis, a popular blogger, linked to this article, and personally criticized IIPM. Soon after, Gaurav was slapped with a notice of legal summons. JAM too was sent a legal notice, which they are dealing with via proper channels.


Gaurav Sabnis, who had done nothing more than write a personal post criticizing IIPM, was forced into a corner. IIPM threatened to publicly burn 100 of IBM's laptops, unless he apologised and retracted his posts. While IBM did not bring any pressure to bear on Gaurav, he decided not to cause his employer any pain and chose to resign.

Feel free to choose a side on this debate. But do choose a side. And do spread the word. What IIPM has done is unforgivable. If the media will not step up to bat, it is left to the likes of you and me.


Desi tarika sadak paar karne ka

PATH LESS TAKEN? Pedestrians create a little jam in the middle of the road as they take the easy way to cross KG Marg New Delhi. There is a subway just next to this point!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Munnabhai Bawarchi!

Sanjubaba rocks...
I've always believed that Men are the best Cooks.....
"Cooking is a routine for women and passion for men :)) "

check it out Munnabhai Bawarchi!

tnx chirayu :))

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Whatz Bombay's lateZT

I think all the fcuking mosquitos have got the news that I'm back,,, my room is full of moskis and thier relatives, I've folded my legs and trying to balance on my rolling chair... Its hot, humid and sultry and these idiots are behind my blood....
I've finally decided to give them a termination dose.... My usual weapons is an empty Colin bottle wid Spray fill in blue kerosene and juss attack the chodu moskis....
I always wonder if Noah hadn't taken the moski and Fly in his Ark, he would been a cult figure all around the world.
Whatz Bombay's lateZT
Tazaa Baasi Maal
Ipod Nano China FM receivers
Hutch Dus Rupiya Refill Airtel Rs 200 connexion
Jalmuri at Malls Bhaiyya's Bhel
Red Bull Palang Tod Paan Bhav Copy 
Gaur Seeds Reliance 
Narayan Rane in Congress Rane in SS
Politicians fighting on streets Politicians debating in Vidhan Sabha
Preettii and Tannu Telgi and Ketan
Unemployed Cops Unemployed Bar Girls
BED Lounge
People on top of Trains People hanging out of trains
Cat fights in Trains Fist fights in Trains
Goodgiri Chamdigiri 
Borivali Virar 4 tracks in 2020 Borivali Virar 4 Tracks in 2005
Aunties pataoing FYJC students Uncles pataoing Maids 
Open Looting by Multiplexes Black Marketing outside Theatres
Black holes and Craters on Roads Potholes on roads
Pirated VCD/DVD wallah's Planet M

Saturday, October 08, 2005

FoBBeD OuT EnTeRtAiNmEnT - MC Vikram and LudaKris

FoBBeD OuT EnTeRtAiNmEnT -

check out the madness, not dat great as their earlier track "welcome to India"... but anyways wot da heck.. have a dekko!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

fcuking Blog spamm!!

I've re-enabled word verification for comments.... after being regularly spammed and bombed by useless idle MF's ...
I'm a little busy at the moment, but trust I shall get back at them really hard and really mean way
here's a sample of blog spam I get...

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Posted by abigail

Poojari's bhaigiri using Skype??

It is believed that Poojari makes the extortion calls through a laptop, by using the net phone facility, which makes it difficult for the cops or the intelligent agencies to trace the call. He mainly targets builders.

I know for sure Skype's number one supporter Roshan will surely like this guy for his studdgiri....
wotz next..
Bhai's Podcasting threats
Sending MMS threat clips
Threat Voice Tags to Builders and Shetty's
doing a Webex with thier counter parts around the world.
ERP system for all thier local adda's and naka's to tally the galla collections

read more
Wife's trip show Poojari's bhaigiri abroad

Interesting article.......wacked from Moneycontrol

via yahoogroups.  

I came across a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.
Its on the best seller list for quite some time. This book contains
gems for investors like you and me and for everyone wanting to know
more about "money".

Then let us know about making money.

Yes. The author in this very lucidly written book says that in life,
when you desire to fly an aircraft you must and therefore you do
"learn" flying aircrafts. When you wish to enjoy a bicycle ride, you
must and you do "learn" how to ride a bicycle. Maybe you will fall
several times before you finally succeed.

But a lay investor who wants to make money on the stockmarket tends to
just pick up the phone, speak to his stockbroker, buy a stock and
starts dreaming of becoming rich. That is not the way the rich
investors who become richer with every passing day go about investing
into stocks.

The rich follow the same principle of "learning" to ride a bicycle or
flying an aircraft. They therefore first "learn" to "invest". They
learn all there is to know about the art of investing in stocks. All
about the stocks they wish to buy and only then do they take the

Above all, they keep practicing what they have learnt. They keep
sharpening their saw. This single factor of learning before hand
separates the rich investors from the poor investors, says the author.

What is the other gem on investing you found in the book?

There are several. The next is the author's comparison of Stock
Market with the Super Market.

That's an odd one. Could you elaborate please?

Yes. The author says that when Super Markets reduce the prices of the
goods and announce a "sale", customers flock into the stores and buy
up every little item and build up at home piles of grocery, soaps,

But when Stock Markets reduce the prices of shares and announce a
"crash" every investor rushes in to "sell" and runs away from the

Again, conversely, when Super Markets raise their prices, customers
shy away and refrain from buying till the next "sale"; but when Stock
Markets announce rising prices, every investor rushes in to "buy".

This is not the way, again, the rich investors behave. They follow the
same principle of buying at the Super Markets. They buy stocks only
when the Stock Markets crash. Ask Warren Buffet or John Templeton.

These two ideas, though simple, are no doubt educative. Do you have
any other gems to share?

Yes. As I said earlier, the author has several.

The next one, the author says, is `investing is knowing your assets'.
When you move your money from your bank account in order to `invest'
you are putting your money into assets like shares, real estate,
deposits, etc.

The rich never keep their wealth in the form of liquid money in a bank
account. They always keep acquiring assets while the poor acquire
liabilities, which they mistakenly believe are their assets.

The author, citing the scene in America, says that acquiring your
house through a bank loan on the mortgage of your house is acquiring a
liability. The same goes for paying for groceries through credit card.

Please go on. It sounds interesting.

In life, according to the author, what is important is not how much
money you `make' but how much of that money you succeed in `keeping'
and `multiplying'. The rich know how to keep it because they know how
to invest it. Money well invested is money well kept. Good investing
is often more rewarding than good earning.

Any more such gems.

Yes. "Real money is made when you `buy' an asset and not when you
sell that asset" is yet another gem from the author.

This one surely needs elaboration.

Yes. What the author conveys is that the "price" of the asset when
you buy is the sole determinant of your profit on that asset when
sold. If you buy that asset cheap, your profit on sale is obviously

The message from the author is simple. Be careful of the price you pay
when investing in an asset. Don't rush into buying any investment at
any price. Wait till the prices come down the way Super Markets
announce sales.

In other words, do as the shoppers do at Super Market Sales.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm Back ... in goood ol aamchi Bombay!!

12 days
1 ticket cancellation at Bombay Airport
1 transit flight via Kuwait
1 missed flight at Sharjah Airport
1 offloading at Sharjah Airport

1 smooth direct flight from Dxb to Bom, no customs or immigration problems
3 hrs traffic from Sahar to Borivli

1 Final destination - Home.

I guess Murphy Law seems to be loving me, but I'm a person who has seen even worse problems so it only makes me have a whole new perspective on life and the shit around it .

On a serious note, Gitex has been a good experience, MyZus would be doing some kickass stuff in the Middle East soon.....
Me and Sunil (CEO,MyZus) were camped at
Roshan and Vivek's cool home at Gardens, Jebel Ali..

Widout being formal I sincerely thank all at 193 (Roshan,Vivek, Nidhish), Vithal & Bhaveshbhai at JV overseas........

Watch out for something cool from MyZus at Gitex Hyd!!!

There are some more things I would have liked to add but lets leave datfor some other day ;-)

And yes Vivek took me for Salsa class at Wafi, I think i did ok for a first timer.. doing da mambo and salsa and left n right tap .. its a bit like our filmy music but more sensous and tiring :)

And also met Rupa (Rupinder Bains) on my last day at Dubai, he had come to give his Toefel but his all time ambition of MBA school . may u rock Rooba!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Marina

The Marina
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
mad constructions happening in Dubai....
Hyper Real estate rents and costs are driving many Desis back to India or sending thier kids to India.
Dubai aims to become the Financial hub of Asia.... According to Roshan the real estate is 40-50% the cost of HK & Singapore hence the mad rush and real estate boom..

Monday, October 03, 2005

10 most underrated actors

indiatimes movies has it all documented here

I shall postmy list ina few days :))

the tallest billboard in the world

Dubai Trip (61)
Originally uploaded by ludas.
at 21st Century Tower, Shk Zayed Rd.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road
Originally uploaded by gavinsblog.
the wildest road in Dubai :))

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Zig Zag Road, Mumbai

Zig Zag Road, Mumbai
Originally uploaded by lecercle.

read da road sign wid a lil sholapur ghat accent , you'll reach ur destination :))

also vivek from 193 told abt a guy name DK Bose, who always prefers it initials followed by surname, nai tho it becomes a classic Indian swear word :))

Nice article on Bombay - Mid-Day - Bombay never goes hungry

Mumbai meri jaan... Link courtesy Chirayu
It’s been over a week I’m out of Bombay, seems like ages… Dubai in a nutshell is Bombay as we would like it……….more on that later J