Sunday, October 09, 2005

Whatz Bombay's lateZT

I think all the fcuking mosquitos have got the news that I'm back,,, my room is full of moskis and thier relatives, I've folded my legs and trying to balance on my rolling chair... Its hot, humid and sultry and these idiots are behind my blood....
I've finally decided to give them a termination dose.... My usual weapons is an empty Colin bottle wid Spray fill in blue kerosene and juss attack the chodu moskis....
I always wonder if Noah hadn't taken the moski and Fly in his Ark, he would been a cult figure all around the world.
Whatz Bombay's lateZT
Tazaa Baasi Maal
Ipod Nano China FM receivers
Hutch Dus Rupiya Refill Airtel Rs 200 connexion
Jalmuri at Malls Bhaiyya's Bhel
Red Bull Palang Tod Paan Bhav Copy 
Gaur Seeds Reliance 
Narayan Rane in Congress Rane in SS
Politicians fighting on streets Politicians debating in Vidhan Sabha
Preettii and Tannu Telgi and Ketan
Unemployed Cops Unemployed Bar Girls
BED Lounge
People on top of Trains People hanging out of trains
Cat fights in Trains Fist fights in Trains
Goodgiri Chamdigiri 
Borivali Virar 4 tracks in 2020 Borivali Virar 4 Tracks in 2005
Aunties pataoing FYJC students Uncles pataoing Maids 
Open Looting by Multiplexes Black Marketing outside Theatres
Black holes and Craters on Roads Potholes on roads
Pirated VCD/DVD wallah's Planet M