Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rashmi Bansal v/s IIPM (OR Bloggers v/s IIPM)

via CNB
Gaurav Sabnis Resigns
JAM recently printed an article to verify some of the tall claims made by MBA institute IIPM in its advertisements. Gaurav Sabnis, a popular blogger, linked to this article, and personally criticized IIPM. Soon after, Gaurav was slapped with a notice of legal summons. JAM too was sent a legal notice, which they are dealing with via proper channels.


Gaurav Sabnis, who had done nothing more than write a personal post criticizing IIPM, was forced into a corner. IIPM threatened to publicly burn 100 of IBM's laptops, unless he apologised and retracted his posts. While IBM did not bring any pressure to bear on Gaurav, he decided not to cause his employer any pain and chose to resign.

Feel free to choose a side on this debate. But do choose a side. And do spread the word. What IIPM has done is unforgivable. If the media will not step up to bat, it is left to the likes of you and me.