Thursday, October 13, 2005

Snakemania on Dassera.

Snake caught in Bhatta's sisters bldg in Ambernath, a suburb in Bombay.. the snaked turned out to be non poisonous and later set free in the jungle...

I remember throwing stones at a Cobra many years ago, My friend Pritam's mom scared me big-time that if its dead then its mate will trace me and poison me, where ever I was... I dint believe in the bullshit but still was scared...
After watching Nagin it gave me eerie feelings...

I think snakes are cool and should be seen only from distance for the thrill and excitement :))

Hero's in Ambarnath catching the snake

Heros' showing off thier catch

Slimy Snake all coiled up in the Bisleri bottle

Final moments in the Bottle, Slimy Snakey was then left in the jungle