Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm doing this just in case there are any Mallus or Surds outta there in the Milkyway or Andromeda Galaxy or any ALienz..

This is the cinfirmation mails and how to react strategy :))

Dear Humanoid:

Is the third time the charm? We believe it is!

The Blog in Space team is confirming that blog transmission is underway for the third time. This time from the Golden State, California! This certificate confirms that your blog has been catapulted at 11:40am PT and hurled into space at North Latitude of 34.6 degrees and West Longitude of 20.45 degrees traveling at a direction of Azimuth 137.6 degrees at an elevation of 50 degrees on a 5845 MHz frequency.

The Blog in Space team has received a number of inquiries this month on generally practiced contact protocol. While Blog in Space offers no "official" rules per say, we endorse the following steps.

If they ask to be taken to your leader, contact the White House immediately. If you can't get through to the President, ask for the Vice President and follow the line of succession from there.
Practice Active listening. Taking an interest in what the extraterrestrials are saying builds trust and provides foundation for future contact.
Strike a common bond. For instance, you might ask if he/she/it has an active interest in stamp collecting or wiffle ball.
Don't come on too strong. Nothing is more unattractive to alien life forms than a needy Earthling.
It's okay not to comment. While the Blog In Space team is pro-alien (and always will be), it would be ignorant to assume there aren't a few bad apples in the universe. If you are questioned about Earth's solar defenses or nuclear technology, we recommend you change the subject.

Until your next transmission, be sure to submit your blog for our "Most Likely to be Contacted." Don't forget to refer your friends - for when the day our little green friends land upon our fertile soil comes, Blog In Space will present them with a list of their most passionate advocates.

When Telling the World Simply Isn't Enough.

-The BlogInSpace Team

On a personal note I do believe in Alien Life, became a member of Rael too and duly support the SETI Project :))