Saturday, October 22, 2005

Updates from Mummy TV

I don't watch TV regularly, but my mom gives me a synopsis If im watching any programme on TV.
Sharing it would guys so that you can also save the trouble and torture of watching all the episodes...
FAME Gurukul : Kazi and Ruprekha are the winners, Rex is a nice singer but India needs a gora dancer and who can fall n do sidey things...
Nach Bailye : Each couple has got 15 lakhs to dance with each other, Archana Puran Singh and Pammi is good but my Mom likes Sachin and Supriya, and wants to vote for them
Jaasi Jaasi.... : Bhatta from my office is in a situation like how Jassi was in her earlier Avatar... I wonder what that meant, but I also remember she telling me Bhatta was like Nandu.. now I'm confused...
Sauce bhi KAbi ... : Tulsi Tulsi.... she is gr8, she gives me da dirty looks when I talk ill abt the characters.. ( I personally find her damn shady and BJP paid publicCITY)
Yatra : Deepti Bhatnagar every Sunday morning wearing traditional sarees takes a tour on all pilgrimage centre  all around India and Nepal, is truly divine ( I wonder what will be hr reaction if she sees her sleazy waterfall pics circulation on the net)
And yes we have a common vote Navin Prabahkar ( Paichan Kaun Fame) and Sunil Pal form Gr8 Indian Comedy Show :))
I have a Pixel TV Tuner Card, which I intend to fix on my Compy so the war on the Idiot Box is avoided :))