Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm Back ... in goood ol aamchi Bombay!!

12 days
1 ticket cancellation at Bombay Airport
1 transit flight via Kuwait
1 missed flight at Sharjah Airport
1 offloading at Sharjah Airport

1 smooth direct flight from Dxb to Bom, no customs or immigration problems
3 hrs traffic from Sahar to Borivli

1 Final destination - Home.

I guess Murphy Law seems to be loving me, but I'm a person who has seen even worse problems so it only makes me have a whole new perspective on life and the shit around it .

On a serious note, Gitex has been a good experience, MyZus would be doing some kickass stuff in the Middle East soon.....
Me and Sunil (CEO,MyZus) were camped at
Roshan and Vivek's cool home at Gardens, Jebel Ali..

Widout being formal I sincerely thank all at 193 (Roshan,Vivek, Nidhish), Vithal & Bhaveshbhai at JV overseas........

Watch out for something cool from MyZus at Gitex Hyd!!!

There are some more things I would have liked to add but lets leave datfor some other day ;-)

And yes Vivek took me for Salsa class at Wafi, I think i did ok for a first timer.. doing da mambo and salsa and left n right tap .. its a bit like our filmy music but more sensous and tiring :)

And also met Rupa (Rupinder Bains) on my last day at Dubai, he had come to give his Toefel but his all time ambition of MBA school . may u rock Rooba!!