Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eventful day at NASSCOM Conference

Also met Srini from Intel Capital Strategic, who had some great advice for developers and Companies like MyZus at the Nasscom Mobile Applications Conference today.
They have a studd portfolio of investments ( ), some real cool companies and some in similar spaces as MyZus.
Their investments reaped jackpots in Jamdat,Sasken and Subex .... ( Anti-portfolio trivia - In 2003 I had bought Subex at 62 and sold it around 90, it went up 400).
I also heard Surya from Jamdat say that they paid 130 million dollars for rights of Tetris only to come to India and find 4 companies already selling unlicensed Tetris and the legal IPR battle continues, Jamdat has a market cap of 440 Million USD
The sad part of the conference was that there was hardly any attendance from the Telecom Companies, for whom I guess the numero Uno priority is to get subscribers, VAS and other Apps can wait..
Also Yaten (Rashmi Bansal's husband) told me that her blog was getting over 3k hits per day much more than JAM's own site after the great IIPM saga on blogworld....
Coming Soon - My list of top 20 Indian tech companies.