Sunday, October 23, 2005

Onion strikes back - Only in India

Deja Vu ......Its that time of the year when Ruling State and Central Governments are shitting bricks, crying and praying due to the spiraling onion prices.... Voters are known to be real cruel while voting after Onion crises, popular governments are known to crumble...

All TV channels are giving regular updates on Onion prices all around the nation...
Zee TV had live reporting from 6 correspondents all over India.
NDTV had a ticker running all day as if its was some NASDAQ/DOW Blue Chip Stock giving Bonus.
Star News had sob stories of people who couldn't afford the Pyaaz....
DD shoed an old clip of the Onion laden trucks from Lalsagaon and NAsik Market

As for me I did miss it too, My Local Kebabwala Ustad wasn't serving any fine sliced onions wid the green chutney and pudina, reasons cited 25 Rupiya hai boss.. kaisa parvadega ...

Why don't we have Onion Futures on MCX??, every family should have a fixed investment in Onions, lets have a Onion Bond available in all banks, something like the Gold Bonds 99.99% pure sold by ICICI bank :))

Onion Prices across the nation
Bombay Rs 25
Delhi Rs 30 .
Hyderabad Rs 14-16.
Chennai Rs 18.5.
Bangalore between Rs 20 and Rs 24
Jammu Rs 20-25 rupees
Bhubaneswar Rs 20.
Ranchi Rs 20-24

I find it silly blogging about this but this is the hottest topic right now, not Ipod Nano or Hritik's fall in Singapore..