Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Stock Watch- list for 2006

Since everybody is coming up with this stocks to watch out for in 2006, I've also decide to get my list online (inspired by Business Today).
The Sensex and Nifty are crazy and unpredictable, but there are some stocks which show great promise... Here are a few of them :- 
Company Current Price
Pricol 48
Rico Auto 85
Matrix Labs 171
Rajesh Exports 135
JSW 175
Mascon Global 12.7
Canfin Home 46.5
Saint Gobain 36.5
Selan Oil Exp 46
yada yada disclaimer :- The information and statistical data herein have been obtained from sources I believe to be reliable but in no way are warranted by me as to accuracy or completeness.
I do not undertake to advise you as to any change of my views and I may hold securities which are recommended here.
This is not a solicitation or any offer to buy or sell.
All information and advice is given in good faith but without any warranty.
Also I got a mail from Eggy in UAE about making money in Matka.
Does anyone know or have info about these games  Shalimar ( Open comes at 1.30 and close at 3.30 ) and Moti comes at 7.30pm - Open and close at 10.30pm??
Matka wots dat ..well read my earlier post on matka