Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pramod Mahajan & Raju,Jeetu, Munna, Sajid.

What if Pramod Mahajan was a common man like Raju or Jeetu or Munna or Sajid.
He would be lying on the floor pleading to people to take him to hospital. His wife would have called many ambulances which would never come and she would have to take him in a taxi or rickshaw to  the nearest Hinduja hospital which would turn her away saying this is police case they cant admit him and turn away, same scene repeated in Jaslok, Nanavati, Breach Candy.. She is told to got to JJ, Bhagwati in Borivali or Rajwadi in Ghatkopar.. after police does the paperwork n panchnama and interrogation she can admit him in the hospital.... She would have to bribe the ward boy to get a stretcher and rush to the Casualty Ward, where doctors will scrutinize the paperwork for fear of trouble from the doctors themselves and then began treatment and give his wife a list of medicines, oxygen's, blood needed and she has to arrange from the Medical stores and illegal blood bank or call her relatives to donate blood in exchange for his blood....
This all process takes at least 2 hours before operation is conducted. The operation is normally conducted by Medico students who can call strike any moment in protest against the abysmal working conditions or North Indian vs Maharashtrains issue.
In 2 hours you can take a guess what condition a person who has 3 bullets lodged in liver would be in.  
The government hospitals are living hell hole which every Indian unless he is a politician is forced into incase any accidents or tragedy, these stupid rules need to be changed. We need to save lives and leave the paperwork and interrogation later.
I cant stand this absolutle double standards to people of my country specially when the so called servants of the people seems to have better facilities and rules and regulations turn a blind eye when they need it.
My cribs apart I wish Mr. Mahajan speedy recovery, we need more leaders like him and hope that he does more to the accidents victims once is back in action. 
And if the news is true that Pramod Mahajan refused to use his connections to help his bro Pravin in his construction business, he has done a great thing and will surely get my vote.