Monday, April 10, 2006

Webaroo Launched!!

I was searching for a tool like this for a few months, I don't have net
at home and get really bored ... This seems to be of help.
Webaroo, Rakesh Mathur's latest venture has a new service that one can
surf the net in offline mode. What it does is it creates local packets
of relevant content for easy surfing and access later.

The new search engine takes the most relevant parts of the web and makes
it downloadable in bite-sized chunks. You can get Pocket-lint one level
down for a minuscule 4MB for example.

I guess service would be a definite hit with Bloggers n Pondy site
visitors.... People will download the stuff in office and read it at
home or while commutingg.

My friend Fuzzy works there, shall get more dope from him later.
Download it from

Trivia : Rakesh Mathur claim to fame cross dressing and selling to Amazon to 400 million Dollar!!. He is total
studdgiri,someone I admire.