Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dumb Mistress of Spices!!!


I should learn to say 'no' if I sincerely believe if something is crap... Even after knowing reading and hearing its maha piece of crap I went for this piece of shit with my friends.
I promise myself I will watch movies that I believe in and give me full to value for money and time pass.

Please if you are reading this blog, my humble warning don't watch this maha shady absolutely torturing movie.

Don't get conned by words Mistress, spices and Ash's navel its all a con job.

I am not surprised by the deeds of Salman & Vivek.

Am looking forward to see Gangster, IceAge 2, Darna Zaroori hai & Syriana.

Ratings 0/5!!!

There is one Ash hot scene which is censored you can search on the net and download.

updated post:
Here is the clip