Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lonely stories from Bollywood

DNA has this story about the the unsung face of Bollwood The Black Marketer and Projectionist aka Bioscopewala
I remember in theatre in Borivli and Vasai, the projectionist used to rewind and play the songs on public demand and people used to dance in the theatre aisle and seats.... I remember the song very much " Ek do Teen .... and Dhak Dhak ...  Total Chaos, people throwing chiller at the screen every time Madhuri did a Jhatka or Dhak Dhak ...
Also not written are the women Black Marketers in Ajanta, Jaya and Diamond.. These are scary looking Banjara women who openly black, they keep their tickets and monies in their blouse.... Cops can't dare touch them... They give discounts to kids and are often helpful.
Tip buy the ticket just when the movie is about to start .. That's when bees ka chalees become bees ka tees!!