Sunday, August 13, 2006

For those who are ....

... wondering why am not posting so frequently on my blog...
Well there are a few reasons, primarily I've deiced not to post about sad and depressing things around me.
There are tons of not so cool things about this place harsh working conditions for Blue collared workers, Extreme temperature they have to work on,ill-treatment and non payment of their salaries etc etc 
80% of the population dreaming and longing to be home but can't do it coz of no other alternative, The freedom and right to do and drink anywhere in our country.
One thing I really like is that during the day someone is a Sales manager or Executive or technician or Foreman or Driver or even CEO but in the evening at the common office accommodation everyone turns into Ramu... Cooking, chopping, washing, cleaning without any qualms or second thought.
Everyone here has the same plan "work,slog, save for 2-3 years.... go back to India, do some business or invest and relax"
Guys who have been in the gulf for long say that "Once one has worked here his body will not be able to adapt to Indian conditions and will try to get back here"
As for me,  I'm confused at the moment and am longing to be in Bombay.