Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bar girl gets former lover beaten, abused

Read the highlight of the story...

“I first met Neetu at the Mansa bar in Thane in 2003. She wasn’t beautiful, but I was attracted to her,” he admits. The two started dating and the affair went smoothly for two years.

“She often asked me for money, which I gave her,” he says.
After the clampdown on dance bars last year, Mansa bar was closed in August. “By then, I learnt that Neetu was cheating on me. We broke up, but she still kept in touch and I would give her the money,” Manish says. He even gifted her several pieces of jewellery.

And Pyare Manish what else can you expect the Bar Girl to be Sati Savitri??

Manish followed the age old trick used in the Ladies Bar, throw money on the shady females in the Bar, Make other Dancers J and the female will do all the filmy dancing around you and your table... Sadly this plan Choppat hua and he got thrased and became poorer by a few thousands.

Moral of the Story : Love thy Booze not the one who serves it!!