Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Symbain CommWarrior Mobile Virus attack repelled successfully!!

I'm relieved.
I successfully managed to clear the F-Commwarrior virus from my Nokia 6600, This is a very potent virus which once infected spreads through GPRS, SMS & MMS continuously and hangs your mobile and forces you to reinstall your software.

I was at the Local Malabari Restaurant in Hilal with my Roommates and got a Blue Tooth Invitation for the F-Comm Warrior Game, I never accept files from unknown sources I dunno what made me accept the file. Once accepted it started the havoc and sent blue tooth & MMS messages left, right n centre, after realizing my GPRS log was increasing like a rickshaw meter and considering GPRS is costly in Qatar...I cancelled all settings for GPRS and MMS.

Next day thinking I may have to format my Mobile I asked our office Network guy Farokh who had also been a victim of the virus, He installed the Anti Virus Ironically of the same name F-CommWarrior and cleaned my phone.

Moral of the story : Never accept any blue tooth messages, its 99.99% a virus & never a lonely girl trying to contact you.


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