Sunday, February 05, 2006

You know you been ...

......out of home for long when
  1. You haven't had a fight with a rickshawala in a long time.
  2. Waiting for the elevator is damn annoying.
  3. You really miss your Dhobi & Kaamwaali Bai
  4. Good food means Mutton Curry & Khubbus
  5. You really miss fully faltoo Hindi TV programmes
  6. You don't get annoying phone calls from StanChart, ICICI & Orange marketing agents
  7. No one lectures you when get drunk or come home late (ok forget the drunk part, Doha is dry)
  8. Your armpits don't smell the way it used too...
  9. You can sleep without a fan hypnotizing you to zzz.
  10. When water is more expensive than Petrol
Its been over 15 days I haven't eaten any idlies, dosas or Vada Pav, I am missing it but kya karey duty hai.
I'm on a assignment and intend to give my best shot.