Saturday, February 18, 2006

Finally someone decides to Fightback!!

Is this the effect of Rang De Basanti ?

I voted for BJP last election but will not do the mistake again, Anybody who hurts or harasses the public will never get my vote.
I Lived in Nalasopara for 8 years and I know that here (Vasai-Virar) area, Everyone is a Bhai or has some connection with the Bhai. The youth who had been trashed will surely do some fielding and fight back to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.

Shiv Sena is as confused like a baby in a strip joint... A party which organizes Michael Jackson Show is opposing Valentines day.

Also The BJP corporate mentioned here Vijeta Ashtana is a very shady character, he once fought with my Building junta and had to run away when our Society junta ( men & women brigade) fought him and his goons.