Saturday, February 18, 2006

And now something about Doha..

You guys must be wondering its been close to 4 weeks in Doha and I haven't given you the Doha Dope?, Well 2 reasons I was kinda busy and I dint explore much of Doha to write about it....
But now I guess I can put my initials reaction in bullet points !!
  • The Whole country is full of construction workers and Caterpillars, readying it self for Asian Games 2006
  • Local Qatari's minting money in IPO's
  • There is an absolute shortage of Taxis and they expensive considering Petrol is cheaper than water here.
  • The local food is not all spicy.
  • The water in the sea is crystal clear and green in colour
  • The Emir is a visionary and has done good things and shares wealth with his subjects.
  • Qatar is the only country with the alphabet 'Q'
  • Malayalam will be of more help here than Arabic or English.
  • Like Poona all shops are closed from 11 am to 5 pm
  • The local Supermarkets like Bania shops in India give you bubble gum instead of remaining change.
  • Arabs are more courteous than Desis to the pedestrians.
  • There are at least 4 ladies beauty parlours on every street.
  • Grown up Kids here don't ride cycles but they ride Tri-Cycles.
  • Dating is done by Blue Tooth.
  • The Ring Roads at night witness races and stunts by dare devil Ninja & Kawasaki Bikers
  • Gambling is disallowed but Raffle draws are a big draw
  • Dohadebates is a nice show on BBC and I've signed to be part of the audience.
  • Lulu Hypermarket is the place where all desis (incl me) go for a weekends.
  • In short life in Doha is ekdum Sosegad.