Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Forced to sell lottery tickets by school, two girls try suicide - DNA

The story
DNA - Mumbai - �Forced� to sell lottery tickets by school, two girls try suicide - Daily News & Analysis

A Victim myself, I used to be petrified by the thought & had nightmares of these donations and Raffle Draws being forced on us by our mean teachers who themselves were tortured by their supervisors.
I used to hide underneath the benches to avoid being handed the Collection - Begging Form but never succeeded in doing so as the teacher marked it against ones roll numbers.
Once you had the form you 3 days would be off depression as I never liked going for donations and fooling my neighbors that they would win prizes and the school was using it for a good cause. I always knew that it would be used by the Brothers to paint their dormitory or for their foreign junkets.

A week into the Begging Scheme the teacher would take an update and me and fellow lazy friends from IC Colony usually got the flack for not submitting it in time, the Gujjus in the class were the teachers darling. They promptly filled all they names and always had the highest collection usually sponsored by their Dad with all their relatives names.
As you must know mallu parents never sponsored anything and I always had to fend for myself. By the time I started visiting the houses the usual excuses would be
a) We already gave donation to other kids b) Our Children also have these formsc) We don't give donations d) Come Tomorrow

But there was some success like some Old Goan Couples who always like the Idea of Raffle Draws, Maharashtrian aunties who were so used to the "vargani" word, usual Bania & Mangalore Stores, Friends and Family members.

The idea was to collect at least 25 Rupees from the total target of 100 Rupees and submit it at the last day. If one tried to be a smart ass and submit the donation form early the teacher usually gave another form.

The prizes for highest collection were often super chindi Autograph Photo of Indian Cricket Team, Autographed Miniature Cricket Bat and a Badge none of which ever changed in years.

The schools across India have institutionalized begging and go by the motto "Catch them Young and watch them Grow".... I dunno how many grew up become maha Beggars but I always donate to the school kids whatever schemes they come Armed Forces, Leprosy, Girl Child Fund, World Wildlife Fund, School Bldg Fund.

It takes one Victim to know another!!