Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jhatpat Lottery in Qatar

Score Lottery
For those who know me well I don't hesitate to gamble on anything be it shares, futures, commodities, lotto, cricket, jhatpat anything and every thing except for matches involving India.

Though gambling is officially banned in all Islamic countries, raffle draws and lucky dips are very common in this part of the world... I checked out an advance form of our Desi 1 Re Jhatpat Lottery which school kids play... This is a cool kinda lotto called 'SCORE' to promote attendance in Stadiums in Qatar... One buys a SCORE Ticket for 10 Qatari Riyals (about 130 bucks), the ticket has 3 parts
1) the main part where you have to scratch in the circle, if you have 3 same amounts you win ( eg. If I get 50 Qr thrice I Win)
2) Scratch to win the Honda Car
3) You tear and submit the Third portion to the mega raffle draw prize of 100000 QR.

First time I won 10 Qr, no money given Instead another ticket given next time I won 50 QR, not bad to start :))

They say that one always wins in the beginning, dekte hai :))

After all scratching ain't that bad :))