Monday, March 21, 2005

Tech Buzz Game by Yahoo!

Really cool tech game ala mock stock ex, motive is to Predict Future Technology Trends.
Though the prizes are for US nationals only, I think its definitly worth playing minus da prizes.
I've been hooked onto it already :)
Here's my portfolio as of today...
My Portfolio
Quantity Value
GOOGAD 292 $2,774.51
VIRUS 211 $482.30
BLOGGER 1242 $676.78
FFOX 295 $1,234.07
GUTENBERG 54 $651.72
MOBTXT 113 $2,430.40
KAZAA 108 $614.08
SPURL 20 $9.82
ORKUT 1396 $845.61
FLICKRTG 34 $483.51

check it out at
Joint Research Project Enables Participants to Buy and Sell Virtual Shares of Technology Topics
Yahoo! Research Labs, Yahoo!'s organization for advanced research in science and technology, has teamed with O'Reilly Media, the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies, to develop a joint research project called the Tech Buzz Game (, an online prediction market that allows consumers to forecast the popularity of technology concepts, products and trends.