Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ek Gaon ki Boli Dusri Gaon ki gali

What may mean something to you may mean 360 opposite to my tribe.... datz Tribe Malluz for those who came is late!!

Chor :
For U : Some one who robs and pickpockets
For Tribe M : Something what we eat every afternoon and night

Blade Business :
For U : some thing what you use to shave and trim
For Tribe M :an organized group of local residents who lend money at usurious interest rates and use strong-arm tactics to recover the loan from defaulters.

Ummah :
For U : the Moslem Brotherhood
For tribe M : its a kiss.. puppy!!

Pota :
For U : Prevention of Terrorist Activities
For Tribe M : a funny looking dried thing used for scrubbing dirty bodies

Disco Chain :
For U : Show off!!
For Tribe M : Poor Fella!!

Jetty :
For U : a place where boats and ships hang out
For Tribe M : Underwear!!!

Visa :
For U : A gateway to a better life
For Tribe M : a birthRIGHT


For U : Share Dalal, Estate Agent
For Tribe M : A man who fixes marriages and usually take a 10% cut on the Dowry received.
Banana Chips :
For U : Funny yellow colored banana slices cooked in coconut oil
For Tribe M : Chakna wid Daru
For U : Distinction
For Tribe M : enough reason to have Tik 20 or jump in da well
For U : funny people wearing black coloured clothes and walking bare feet
For Tribe M : Our annual Woodstock!!
Bit :
For U : a lil
For Tribe M : a 5 min sleaze soft porn shown between Films in Shady Theatres
There are zillion more... damn zzzz now........
Feel free to add them on da kommend lizt :))