Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sad indeed.

We should outsource our defenses to Israel or at least some fucking thing from them.

Our Netas and their cronies will come n screw up Bombay even further, I wish we gave the Army the free hand to take care of our defenses, We need to wipe LET, SIMI or whoever is behind this cowardly acts.

Blasts Update : My Uncle was behind the Borivli, he is safe.

KK who was in the Mira Road Train, survived as he was in the second class compartment.

girish adds

K.K. had a close encounter, he was in the same train which blasted, but in different dubba but he is fine by the grace of god.
He says his MAWA eating habit made him to go by second class from where he can spit out continously as he got a window seat in second class