Monday, August 29, 2005

LeaseYourBody- Yes hum tayyar hai :))

I just read this on msn.
LeaseYourBody-Marketing via Body and Forehead Advertising using Temporary Tattoos
This is damn cool, I'm ready to tattoo my right hand....
You may ask why??
Why, here is the answer
I live in Bombay.
Where everyone's right hand is longer than left hand due to years on hanging  and swinging in trains.
My hands are in the air for 2 hours everyday in the local trains & buses  from Borivali to Lower Parel, bonus if I fall asleep till Churchgate.
5 million people use the local trains every day.
5 million use the BEST buses.
Calculate 2 hours * 300 days * 1 million (minimum) = 600 million eyeballs annualy
I don't mind a tattoo or a LED display on the right hand :))
PubliCITY Bombay istyle,
Just imagine if 5 million Commuters were sponsored by some company or brand.
  • 1 million would be sponsored by Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress, NCP, RPI, Mitr and Maitreen Mandals
  • 1 million by Baba Bengali, Asharamji Bapu, Chote & Bade Murari Bapu, Mata Amritandevi, Sri2 Ravi Shankar and others
  • 1 million by Babubhai Bhawanji, Zamkudi, Paaneri, Suvidha, Roop Milan, Roop Sangam, Roopam Sheetal, Praful, Vipul and other infinite saree and suiting shirting dukaans.
  • 1 million by all Udupi hotels, Chaurasia Panwallahs, Parsi Bakeries, Jain Fast Food Shops, Bhelpuriwallahs, Fansikars and Dattarey's , Aunty Daru Adda's, Shah and PK Wines, Quarter Bars.
  • 1 Million would be freelancers everything and anything from Nari Mukti morcha to Bar Bala symPATI club.
Our greatest strength and weakness is our Public. We have a Billion reasons :)