Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Laxmi gives the Mumbra public a piece of her mind.

My friend Laxmi has written this huge comment in response to the Mumbra Rail roko http://bombaylives.blogspot.com/2005/08/5000-stage-rail-roko-in-mumbra.html and the general chaos in the city ...

here's her gyaan :))

Justifying what the 5000 people did in Mumbra was not accepted by all the people as fury from the public that the Govt required to set things straight. The guys who are in power are there because of these same people who either don’t vote at all or put the mark on the best pic!!!! Throwing stones at running trains….how on earth can you get so inhuman that you don’t care on whose eye or head that stone lands. Such kind of movements are never with a sane and thoughtful mind, this is the work of people who don’t have anything else to do and hence vent their frustration in such manners.

What’s the point of putting innocent lives in danger & messing up an already messed up economy by staging rail roko nonsense as they call it and causing inconvenience to so many people, some who may be earning a wage on a per day basis so their bread & butter for that day goes for a toss. Some who may not be in a position to sit home because they cant afford a one day salary cut because their household runs end to end on their months salary. All of such people had to go thru a day without work. Why, because of other late risers who SUDDENLY realized that our Govt sucks!

People should stop being so childish and getting on the roads with Bandhs & rail roko stuff and get a life. You want a better city & better management system, elect the right person or take responsibility. Stop throwing blame like a kindergarten kid. By stopping life in the city you will just have the city running into losses & nothing else. You want to live a better life, make things better for yourself. Make your own small Disaster Management team for your own area & work together. Help people around you feel better after the terrible days that they have been through, don’t make it worse by coming on the roads & venting it on people who have been through enough or more grief than you have.

If you can solve the problem, don’t aggravate it either.