Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yorked by Iqbal. (7.5/10)

Dir: Nagesh Kukunoor Starring: Shreyas Talpade(Iqbal), Naseruddin Shah (mohit), Girish Karnad (guruji), Shweta Prasad(khatija his sis), Yateen Karyekar(dad), Prateeksha Lonkar (mom)

There are 2 things that really unites this country across caste lines, religions, languages,color ek Match Box and dusra Cricket. Nagesh Kuknoor has decided to take on cricket, this is the story of mute n deaf Iqbal who eats,breathes and dreams cricket and achieves it against infinite odds and obstacles.

Though this not a typical Nagesh Kuknoor movie, he has maintain some old charm by giving cameo roles to his wife and motu friend.

Its a wonderful movie which neither shock's or startles you or even give you some major paisa vasool equation, you feel nice and happy when you leave the theatre.

Great performances by Nasser, Iqbal's sister and his 6 khiladi buffalo's.

Also look out for Kapil Paaji, 2 good songs

Since the movie has all the emotions one could ask for I would give it 7.5/10

Kapil Paaji and Shreyas Talpade at CineMax,Thane
Pic courtesy Aditya.