Saturday, August 27, 2005

Govinda aala re!!!

Krsna Collage

Its midnight and my Mom just finished the pooja at home; I was as usual playing my role of playing the bell and humming along.

Though I don't consider myself a very religious person, I do have certain opinions about our gods and respect and have high regards for their deeds and powers.

Krishna has always been my favorite god for the following reasons
He was a cool, brat kid.
He bit n killed Poothna by biting her tits.
He stole curds and used to hide girl's clothes.
He used always used power when needed.
He lifted the Govardhan hill with his finger to save the villagers from the rains.
He used reverse physcology to convince Arjun to fight the Yudh.
He had 16000 wives and nobody had an issue with it.
He supplied extra clothing to Draupadi.
His girl friend Radha was more famous then his wife Rukmini.
His brother Balram was a wonderful Yodha with the plough as his weapon.
His best friend was Sudama.
He had a wonderful chariot and Sudarshan Chakra
HE was a practical god who put his point across tactfully and in style.

There is one scene in the Mahabharata where Arjuna says to Sri Krishna that “I would rather live a life of a vagabond or a beggar rather than kill my own gurus and my own blood and be a king and live in the palace""..... To Krishna smartly replies" Arjun don't that over-confident, you will anyways be a beggar and probably live a wretched life if you lose the war, Now come-on be a good Kshatriya and do your job. The reverse swing does its job.

The Bhagwad gita is nothing but a physco analysis report of a patient and the doctor. There has never been, is or will be a patient as complex and dilemmatic as Arjun and a doctor and guru like Krishna.

These are some of the things which I find really cool about Bhagwan Sri Krishna. Whenever in any point in life when I'm in trouble or in a difficult situation I've always found the answers in the Bhagwad Gita.
My simple method was to open any random page of the Gita and relate it to the problem.... It always worked for me.

I've a PDF version of the Bhagwad Gita too, would be happy to share it.

Dadar Dahi Handi

More Action

Also ISKON at Juhu has its Gokulashtami celebrations and serves chappan bhog food to all its devotees. For the not so brave souls there is the ISKON restaurant 'Vrindavan' which has an awesome endless buffet with wonderful service staff. And they accept credit cards too :)
Janmashtami and the dahi handi routine are big in Mumbai, as evidenced by the jam-packed roads with groups of young men going from place to place to break pots arranged by various organisations.
Also there would be infinite Dahi-Handi Competitions around the city; the best ones are in Tembi Naka, Lal Baug, Dadar, Worli, Chichpokli, Curry Road, Saat Rasta, and Walkeshwar. Prizes and booty over 10 lakhs.

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