Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Evening recce yesterday..(Dadar-Prabhadevi)

Went to Sri Siddhivinayak mandir at Prabhadevi.

If its Tuesday then its Siddivinayak Mandir, Prabhadevi
Ganpati Bappa is Bombay's favorite god.... there is the protector and defender of the city :)
One thing I always like it when Someone starts" GANPATI BAPPA ...".... a chorus of hundred poeple will follow it up with " MOraaaaayaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" ... you can do this any crowded place temples, railway stations and crowded compartments...
Its a very blissfull experience, I always do it :) Official website of Sri Siddivinayak Mandir

Saurashtra Farsan,
Kabutar khana, Dadar

One of the best farsan shops in Bombay, the shop got undue publicity when the owner was arrested for shooting a goonda in sled defence.


Awesome stuff served with fundoo green chutney and also ask for extra super fundoo chopped papaya chutney.
Cost : 8 Bucks each plate (Dhokla, Khandvi, Sandwich Dhokla)

FP at medical store
Had to clear the stuffed system wid chilled Fountain Lemonade at the medical shop next to it.
Cost : 6 Bucks

Kashmiri Soda at Dahisar Station
Dahisar station has the best Kashmiri Soda, one glass is enough to chill your nerves :))

Kashmiri Soda : Lemon, Jaljeera Masala, green pudina chutney and fountain Soda
Cost : 3 bucks