Monday, August 08, 2005

CM sends his thugs to break Mid Day office

CM sends his thugs to break Mid Day office

Absolute Sad state of affairs, but Mid-day has balls take on the CM... I guess mid-day is the only paper wid balls of steel... rest I guess are all Govt suckers or very diplomatic and fattu...

Wot does the betting meter say
1. Rane becomes CM
2. Ajit Pawar finally gets to become CM
3. Sushil Kumar Shinde is called back.
4. Defections happen, and state goes to the polls.
5. Bombay gets flooded and we have Union rule.

I wish we had military rule atleast people wouldn't shit on the road and spit paan,gutkha.

The CM is a nice guy, his sons movies are doing ok, he has a stable government, wonder why would he do it..... I guess he met up with Sallu for some image shake down :))