Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dargah, har marz ki dawa

Mumbai Mirror

Only in Bombay do you have Dargah solution for legal and illegal activities.... though I wouldn't agree with the reporter that Muslims are the only patronizes of the Dargah, I've seen people of all walks of life and all religions visit the Sufi Dargah's.

I've myself been to HAji Ali many times and always found it a fulfilling spiritual experience

Maim Dargah is famous for its Kebabs, Colorful Faloodas, Sevaiyas', Malpouas and Ragda's
Haji Ali for its Juice Centre

Bombay Hospital Dargah is next to Khau Gully, everything from pav bhaji, tawa pulao, mewad kulfi, mysore masala dosas, sugar cane juice, vada Pav's...

This might one of the reasons why they are so popular :))