Monday, August 15, 2005

The Rising - Mangal Pandey

The Rising is a movie about an episode that triggered of the 1857 war of independence, the story about the friendship between a Firang Army officer and a Sepoy, The story about the Opium trade and the oppression of the East India Company.

I decided to go ahead and watch the movie which was butchered by the critics and the other stupid reviewers, The movie is well made and definitely worth a dekko!!!

This is for the first time that Firangs are for real and not some Fair panjabis or sindhis putting up a fake accent and wearing the sola topi. The movie could have had some more action and violence, which was missing big time.

The filmmaker has done justice to history by not stereo typing all firangs as evil people..The songs and dances by Rani Mukerjee was cool too.. The Mangal Mangal song is sung 3-4 times by a gang of musicians who keep moving around in the village on an elephant.

Overall decent movie to watch.. I give it 6/10
The filmmakers spent 50 crores, I didn't mind spending 150 bucks watching it :))