Sunday, May 15, 2005

Numerous weddings, cricket's funeral?

School Kids protesting against the Govt Decision.

All the maidans in Bombay will not be the same again if the DF Govt has its way, as such there is shortage of place to play and now this, the Government should find some other way of collecting money or else Cricket will die a slow death in Bombay's Maidans

As such all main maidans are encroached by druggies and hookers and now the Nasik Dhol and Shaadi party will add to the mess.

Azad Maidans is full of political rally's and people who are into fasting for no purpose.
Cross Maidans is for Circuses and the Melas
Only Oval Maidans & Shivaji Park has some cricket happening.
All the remaining cricket pitches on Marine Drive viz. Police, Hindu, Parsi, Islam, Grant Medical Gymkhanas are nothing but a money making racket they pay paltry sums of money to the Govt for their leases and earn crores without or with minimal investment for the betterment of the game.

Mid-day's report Numerous weddings, cricket's funeral?